Goose Network Meeting 2013 – Agenda

This is a draft of the agenda for the Goose Network Meeting 2013, Neihaischen, Luxembourg.

This agenda is based upon Goose Network Meeting 2012 – Meeting Minutes, let me know if we should add any item. I will also ask for some written information in advance from all participating centres so we all can come well prepared to the meeting. I’m considering a reshuffling of the order of some items of the agenda in order to put the most important ones earlier.

If you already now knows you which to host the staff seminar the managers meeting, the ICD or similar, please let me know and I can include suggestions in the agenda.

I have re-numbered the items to reflect some members will arrive later to the meeting. The old number corresponding pretty well with the old meeting minutes is in parenthesis.

1. Welcome and opening of the meeting

2 (10). Goose Logo Artwork

No progress unfortunately. I think we already agreed to keep the logo so if we all can agree we just need to finalize what we set out to do last meeting, we can just leave this point without further instruction.

3 (8). Goose Game Activity

4 (9). Goose Network Website

We have a new WordPress site but we need to move it to a server of our own in order to move on with new improved functionality.

5 (13). New Goose Network Members

6 (2). Reports from each centre

Please if possible send in written text in advance. Preferably for web publishing. Photos are also welcome but make sure to indicate which text and photos are allowed for publishing. Long text will be rewarded with their own post. It’s plenty of space left on the web.

7 (3.) International Centres Day (ICD)

7.1 (3.1) Report from 2013

They have also informed me they are awaiting the last answers from participating teams.

ICD 2013 thanks

7.2 (3.2) Who will organize it 2014?

Zellhof has submitted their interest to organize the next ICD.

8 (4). Camp Staff Seminar 2013, Neihaischen

We got a lot of blogg posts covering it in the Staff Seminar category.

My photos are at The reaches: Goose Network Staff Seminar 2013.

Maybe Preben would like to add a few words ?

9 (5). Camp Staff Seminar in 2014

9a (5a) Vässarö, Sweden, will as previously agreed, host it in 2013. 16 out of 20 centres has responded to YIA.

9b (5b) Experience of the new fee model.

In short: it worked really good for the staff seminar 2012 so I hope we can conclude it solved the problem it was intended to solve and the recommendation is to leave it in place. The problem to solve was that the budget for the staff seminar was very volatile with applications coming in very late. With the new model, every center who wishes to participate have to tell that early and be prepared to pay one seminar fee regardless of someone travels to the seminar or not. In short, it guarantees a known minimum budget for the seminar.

Now we have a new issue coming with Yout in Action (YIA). One year forward notice for hosting centre is not enough so we need to look even further into the future. YIA will hopefully grow the seminar, on the other hand, we still have the same basic need to budget even if the participant cost is significantly lower.

9c (5c) ? to host Camp Staff Seminar in 2015 and 2016

9d (5d) Planning team(s) and new main organizer for the staff seminar.

10 (6). Report on Staff exchange 2012

Goose Network Staff Exchange Næsby Centret and Buitenzorg Scout Centre

A few words from our exchange coordinator…

11 (7). Experiences from EVS

12 (11). Goose Network and SCENES

I think many would appreciate a report.

13 (12). Discussions on future goals of the Goose Network

I’m thinking about moving this item higher on the schedule.

There will shortly be a online survey to base discussions on.

14. Next Goose Network Meeting

Autumn 2014.

Naesbycentre, Denmark, whishes to host it as informed and pre-decided earlier. Sajocinto has informed me they wish to host the meeting too. Let me know if we have more centers who wish to host it in the coming years. 2015 we should hopefully meet at the ECMC again and according to previous decision, the Goose Network Meeting will be held at that ECMC (the day before or the day after like this year and like 2011).

15. Goose Network Coordinator aka Mama/Papa Goose

It’s normal (and I think advantageous) for Mama/Papa-G to serve more than one year and my services are available should you like it.

My personal opinion on the matter is that we really should base our decision on Mama/Papa-G on where we want the Goose Network to go.

Other Things To Do

  • Verify email and address list

About Martin Eliasson

Ex. Coordinator for Goose-Network 2012-2014 and de-facto coordinator 2015. Former resident program manager at Vässarö and generally a nice guy. Member of European Guide and Scout Centre Managers Conference 2013, 2015 and 2017.
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