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Mission statement 2013

Reading through the meeting minutes (soon to be published) from the Goose Network Meeting during the CMC I realized I should post a pointer to our guiding document, the current mission statement: Mission Statement Goose Network 2010

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International Centers Day Winner 2013

We havent properly announced the International Centers Day Winner for 2013, it was announced at the Goose Network Managers Meeting as part of CMC 2013. The winner is Our Chalet! Big Congratulations and a big thanks to DRAVE and Sajocinto … Continue reading

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Goose Network Meeting 2013 – first news

The 25:th of October 2013 in Neihaischen, the Goose Network Meeting for 2013 opened. I hope to fill you in on the details the coming weeks. Here are some of the decisions from the meeting, full description comes later: Papa-G … Continue reading

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