Goose Meeting x Center Managers Conference 2019

Minutes Managers meeting 2019
Written by Ewoud Vielvoije-Mol

Centres present at the meeting: Drave, Naesby, Houens Odde, Kapraluv Mlyn, B.P.-Park, Scoutcentrum Rotterdam, Scout Valley, Pfadfinderdorf Zellhof, Sao Jacinto, Burg Rieneck, Our Chalet, KISC

Not present with notification: Griebal

1. Opening of the meeting

On request there are some changes made to the agenda: Subject Papa/Mama Goose will be the first and Members of Goose will be second.

Camp Staff Seminar was already decided (meeting 2018)that Kapraluv Mlyn will host.

Added points to the agenda: questions remarks from centres, news from centres

2. Papa / Mama Goose

                      Every second year during the CMC the new Papa / Mama Goose has to be elected. It is time to choose the next one.

Ewoud gave a summary about the last two years and his experience with the communication within the network. We have talked about the limited communication and if there should have been made phone calls within to centres who doesn’t respond. Because it isn’t that only a couple of centres doesn’t respond. But it changes each request, which centre does or doesn’t respond.

In the meeting we agreed that we should be focussing on the positive side of the network and the centres who are willing to participate, and that we have to end this discussion.

Because prior to the meeting Tobias Simonsen (Houens Odde) and Carlos Santos(Sao Jacinto) came forward to become the new Papa Goose. For the next period the network decided that Tobias will be the next Papa Goose. Carlos will take the role of supporting Papa Goose.

Due to the difficulties the Network faces regarding communication, informal/formal and expectation towards each other they will review and make a proposal for statements and activities within the Goose Network. It will be send prior to the next meeting to give the centres the possibility to discuss it within their centre.

3. Members of the Goose Network

                      – Members who want to leave

                      There has no centre came forward that they don’t want to join the Goose Network anymore.

                      – New candidate members

There has been contact with Bentley Copse Activity Centre about becoming candidate member. But due to a manager change is has been put on hold. Bentley Copse Activity Centre will get in contact if they want to join.

– Review Status

Last year B.P.-Park was put on review status. At the meeting the representative of B.P. Park explained the situation at B.P.-Park and the reason why they haven’t been that active within the network. They still want to be member and are going to make some changes and are going to delegate the Goose Network a task within the board.

At the meeting was decided that B.P.-Park is still a full member from the Goose Network and that they have lost their review status.

In the discussion following being active the meeting decided that from the following centres the amount of afford to be an active member is too little. There they will be put on review status. It is again mentioned that the review status is an explicit invitation to become more active within the network to become more active the upcoming year.

The centres which are put on review status are:

Kopparbo in Sweden

Ransberg in Sweden

Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve in the Netherlands

4. International Centre Day

                      – Report on ICD 2019

There has been a couple of centres who participated in het ICD. The results can be seen at the Facebook event:

The winner this year is Rustavi.

                      – Date and coordination for 2020

They can organise the ICD 2020! Papa Goose (Tobias) will have contact with them about the ICD.

Later during the meeting it is mentioned that the centres were very positive that there was a weekend to do the assignment. But it would be a great idea that the winner is quickly announced after the ICD. So the people doing the assignment hear about the winner.

5. Goose meeting

                      –                    2020 Nocrich. Will take place at 9-11 October 2020.

                      –                    2021            CMC

In the meeting 2020 there will be the possibility to candidate for the 2022 meeting.

6. Camp Staff Seminar

                      – 2019 Houens Odde report

There were 14 participants. At first there weren’t many participants. After making a few phone calls there were some more participants. The focus for the seminar was a bit more to exchanging experiences and ideas. There was a little bit less time spent on personal development and the way projects work. For next year the planningteam will look into the project workshop, if that should be continued.

                      – 2020  Bucherberg is hosting

The members of the planning team 2020 are: Ewoud Vielvoije-Mol, Rikke Marie Lauridsen, delegation from Buchberg, one representative from Kapraluv Mlyn

                      – 2021 Kapraluv Mlyn

7. Goose Game

                                            The goal is to do an update on the Goose Game before summer 2019.

  • Do you have points of attention for this update?
  • Would you like to see some changes made to the game?

Papa Goose and supporting Papa Goose are going to look at the statement and activities and will also take a look at the Goose Game. From Houens Odde there is a new Goose Game coordinator: Nanna Klingenberg Andersen.

For now it is agreed that changes sent before 1st of February will be put into the Goose Game. Changes sent after 1st of February will be processed for the next years update.

8. News from centres

Sao Jacinto: Have done different activities last year with the NSO. This cooperation with the NSO is getting bigger and better.

Kapraluv Mlyn: Made a roof over their “swimming pool”. Had a Goose exchange with KISC. Thomas will be the new director from 1-1-2020

Scout Valley: Doubled their campground with a second campsite about 10 kilometres from their current centre. Also doubled the amount of camps and also focus on school groups. They are now a SCENES centre

Burg Rieneck: Finished the biggest renovation in their history. Celebrated 60 years of scouting at the castle last summer.

Houens Odde: Best summer measured in overnights. Unfortunately the buildings in the forest only can be renovated and not newly build. Next year they organise a summercamp based on UN – SDG.

Scout centrum Rotterdam: They are now a SCENES centre. Are on schedule again with their overnights. The wardens have to find a good balance between their private life and the scout centre.

Pfadfinderdorf Zellhof: Renovation of the kitchen. There are new volunteers whom are responsible for a total week during the summer time. There is a new website online.

Our Chalet: Busy summer season. Normally closed in November, but due to the JLS (seminar) they are opening in November. Are in search for new volunteers.

BP-Park: Are looking for better ways to cooperate with the scout districts. B.P.-Park is owned by 24 scout groups, which they are trying to reconnect with. With the number of overnights they have increasing numbers, with several international groups. Are going to investigate to build several smaller buildings.

Naesby centre: The budget for seminar is from now available for every volunteer instead of board members. They try to change the focus from shorter term to long term. A almost full-time volunteer went with his retirement, which challenge them with the work that has to be done and trying to find a replacement for him

KISC: Due to the World Scout Jamboree they always have less overnights. Still they had a better year (overnights) than expected. Financially they are stronger, so a year with less overnights is better to manage. The new logo and website are fully up and running. Felipe will leave KISC and Jack Higgins will be the new director  

Drave: Staff members will be named as Keepers. Build a new shelter for guests.

9. Remarks/questions

Ewoud – 2021 will be 20 years of Goose Network. Do we want to celebrate. It will be discussed at next years meeting. An idea coming forward is to make a poster with all the members.

Julia (Rieneck): What is the network doing on promotion on social media? Is there anything done? What about centre of the week, is there a continuation for COTW?

At this moment there isn’t much action for promotion. Some centres have their own social media strategy, for example KISC uses every social media channel for a different reason. For inspiration, informing and entertaining are used different channels which connect to their focus group. For Naesby centre Goose Network is mostly used to inspire visitors to also visit other members.

The discussion became a wider discussion about the roles within the network and if there should be created an extra role for social media coordinator. It was agreed to ask Tobias and Carlos to take this part with them when they do a review of the statement and activities.

Contact details for:

Tobias Simonsen (Papa Goose): +4561262596

Carlos Santos(Supporting Papa Goose):

Nanna Klingenberg Andersen (Goose game coordinator): +4550122969

Ewoud Vielvoije-Mol (Camp Leader, Camp Staff Seminar):   

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