International Centers Day 2018


Dear Goose centres – it’s time to change the world!

As reigning champion of International Centers Day, Houens Odde International Scout Centre are hereby inviting you to participate in this years International Centers Day 15th July!

International Centres Day is a friendly competition among members of the network. It is the reigning champion who are hosting the competition and decides theme and activities.

In 2018 the theme is The Sustainable Development Goals and without revealing too much of the program, are we going to play SDG Bingo with an educational and encouraging twist, to set the scene for how Scout and Guide Centres can contribute to achieving the SDGs.

When? Sunday 15th July from 9AM-5PM Central European Time

Where? Participate from you centre – you will need internet and a computer.

Who? Volunteers, employees, friends, guests etc. from your Scout or Guide Centre.

How? Make your registration at no later than 10th July – simply send a mail with your centres name along name and e-mail of a contact person. After 10th July you will receive a participant’s letter.

The sustainable development goals
The sustainable development goals were created by UN. They decided to create 17 goals that are to be reached by 2030. They’ve made goals that concern every single person on this planet, so they spend from poverty to education. Their aspiration was to make their global goals edible, so they wanted to make it easy to start changing the world. Schools, Organization and businesses have already started implementing ways to improve parts of the world, within their local communities.

Scouting and the SDG’s
The fourth scout law says ‘A Scout belongs to the worldwide family of Scouts’. With the law we promise to commit to being active citizens both in our local communities and on a global level. With our big family of scouts that all commit to being active citizens, it is our duty as scouts to help develop the world. Therefor it only makes sense that we, as scouts, help the UN achieve the 17 sustainable development goals.

As Scout centres it is our obligation, that we stand on the frontline and make sure that We are the good example. We want to make sure that we show the scouts that scouting can make a difference on a global level as well as at a local level. This is the reason, we decided that this year’s ‘International Centres Day’, of course, needed to concern the Sustainable Development Goals.

Required documents

SDG ICD Bingo Gameboard (download here)

SDG ICD Bingo Gameboard-1

SCENES assessment – checklist (download here)

SCENES assessment - checklist-1

SDG Bingo – Game Book

SDG Bingo - Game Book

The UN Sustainable Development Goals