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Opening the 13:th CMC

It’s hard not to be impressed by the gigant wood pillars, the height of the roof and the size of the Celtic house here in Neihasichen, Luxembourg. The planning team for 13:th Scout and Guide Centre Managers Conference (CMC) has … Continue reading

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Buitenzorg wishes you all a very good CMC

Dear all, This CMC Buitenzorg will not be represented. However we wish you all a very good CMC and hope for an ever stronger network in 2014! We are very much looking forward to the staff seminar and the Goose Games … Continue reading

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A year full of development – Goose Network Meeting 2013 Report from Næsbycenter

This year we have celebrated the Næsbycenter‘s 30th birthday. This was a day with speeches, birthday cake, activities, barbecue and campfire. During these 30 years we have undergone a great transformation. And this year was no exception, especially after our … Continue reading

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See you soon – a happy message from Papa G

The Goose Network Meeting and CMC is getting closer, but instead of reminding you of sending reports or once more request some help for workshop, I’m gonna share some fun with you. Enjoy

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Goose Network Survey 2013 – feedback wanted

I’ve been thinking about having a Goose Network Survey for our network in order to track progress of the network and poll interest for different subjects at the Goose Network Meeting in order to steer the agenda towards areas of … Continue reading

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ECMC 2013 Workshops – You can help

The European Centre Managers Conference (ECMC) is soon. I’m the Workshop co-ordinator so I’m going to take the opportunity to invite the Goose Network to help out with the workshops. It’s not so complicated at all. It occurred to me … Continue reading

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Goose Network Meeting 2013 – Request for Report from Centres

The Goose Network Meeting 2013 is getting closer so I’m asking you all to prepare reports from your centre. You are welcome to publish them directly here on the blogg/homepage. You may take a look at the minutes from the … Continue reading

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Thanks for YIA answers for GN Staff Seminar 2014

Big thanks to all centers for responding so quickly to the Youth In Action partnership agreements for the Goose Network Staff Seminar 2014. 16 out of 20 centres have joined in so chances are very good the upcoming staff seminar … Continue reading

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