Goose Network Meeting 2014 – Agenda

This is a draft of the agenda for the Goose Network Meeting 2014, Næsbycenter, Denmark.


This agenda is loosely based upon Goose Network Meeting 2013 – Agenda, let me know if you wish I add any item. I will also ask for some written information in advance from all participating centres so we all can come well prepared to the meeting.

Here are some reference documents that you might find useful:

If you already now knows that you which to host the staff seminar the managers meeting, the ICD or similar in the future, please let me know and I can include suggestions in the agenda. Please refer to the agenda above for info on which centers are already in the pipe to host these events.

We need to elect a new Goose Network co-ordinator and a exchange coordinator.

1. Welcome and opening of the meeting

2. Reports from each centre

See Request for Reports from each Center 2014


3. Reports from Goose Network Activities

3.1 International Centres Day (ICD)

3.1.1 Report from 2014

See info and result in the ICD posts

3.1.2 Who will organize it 2015?

3.2 Camp Staff Seminar

3.2.1 2014, Vässarö

We got a lot of blogg posts covering it in the Staff Seminar category.

3.2.2 Camp Staff Seminar in 2015, 2016 and 2017

KISC, will as previously agreed, host it in 2015.

Spain to host Camp Staff Seminar in 2016.

Who will host it in 2017?

3.2.3 Planning team(s) and new main organizer for the staff seminar.

3.3 Report on Staff exchange 2013-2014

A few words from our exchange coordinator…
Further discussion is on the future is on item 4.5

3.4 Report from the Goose Game group


4 Goose Network Operational Changes

This is the continuation and conclusion on the discussions opened last year on the Goose Network Meeting in Neihaischen. I put the ‘keep it’ things we do in section 3 above and here in section 4 we have the ‘clarify’ items and in section 5 are the ‘change it – improve it’ items.

In this section, the agenda items reflect parts of the mission statement we need to clarify.

4.1 Criteria to be a Goose Network Center

It has been requested that we have a more clearly communicated statement on what it takes to become a Goose Network Center and what it takes to stay.

4.2 Staff Exchange Programme

Outline suggestion for new setup:

  • Staff Exchange is organized from center to center directly.
  • All Staff Exchange should be reported to the Staff Exchange Coordinator.
  • Staff Exchange Coordinator promotes and monitors the Staff Exchange Programme keeping it alive and helping with the knowledge transfer within the network.
  • Sending center pays travel cost, receiving center pays food and accommodation.

4.3 The Goose Network Mission Statement

We have a new draft for a re-organized and hopefully improved mission statement. Some of the changes and additions are a consequence of the flip-boards from last years managers meeting.

The new suggested version of the mission statement is addressing the following issues:

  • re-organizing content to bring forward the meaning of the mission statement yet keep the simpleness of a network with a single easy to read guiding document.
  • changes to some parts of the mission statement to reflect how we already work.
  • changes and additions to the part that covers membership and membership procedures for the network.

The new draft for mission statement is not reflecting the future of the network in its current state, it’s a first attempt on clarifying. The future needs to be added.

5 The Future of the Goose Network


6 Goose Network

6.1 Next Goose Network Meeting(s)

2015 should be a ECMC year, which means the managers meeting is expected to be hosted at the ECMC. So far I have heard nothing from the regional office(s) so for the moment we are in the dark. Maybe we should consider a B-plan.

In 2016 Sajocinto will host it as previously decided.

2017 should again be a CMC year.

Hence, nothing to be decided unless there is a CMC problem.

6.2. Goose Network Coordinator aka Mama/Papa Goose

It’s time to select a new Goose Network coordinator since the coordinator usually serves for two years.

The coordinator should be familiar with the decision on the future of the network IMHO.

6.3 Staff Exchange Coordinator

It’s time to select a new Staff Exchange Coordinator.

6.4 New and Old Goose Network Members

We have a few very inactive centers in the network, and we also have some inquiries to cooperate more closely and join.

6.4.1 The suggestion is that centers who do not respond to request for report is out in ‘sleeping’ state’. (‘sleeping state’ will be explained in the draft for new mission statement).

6.4.2 Request from Nochricht to join the Goose Network

6.5 Goose Network Website

This year the site has experienced an overhaul to the organization of the info, but the info from each center should improve. You can check your own centers marketing material and info here:

We have the WordPress site but we need to move it to a server of our own in order to move on with new improved functionality.

6.6 Goose Network and SCENES

A few words from ?

7. End of Meeting. Beginning of Future


About Martin Eliasson

Ex. Coordinator for Goose-Network 2012-2014 and de-facto coordinator 2015. Former resident program manager at Vässarö and generally a nice guy. Member of European Guide and Scout Centre Managers Conference 2013, 2015 and 2017.
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