Goose Meeting 2016 – Registration


Here is the RegistrationForm_GooseNetworkMeeting2016

To participate in the meeting I will need, the Registration Form returned from every member participating, from your centre. I need to have the registration form by Friday the 2nd of September.
Carlos has provided information on how to get to S. Jacinto: How to get to S. Jacinto.
So you can start planning your trip.

Friday 7th October:
18:00                                   Check in
20:00                                   Dinner

Saturday 8th October:
08:00 – 8:45                      BREAKFAST
09:00                                   Opening and Flag Ceremony
09:30                                   Goose Network Meeting – see Agenda.
Should you have any additional items for the agenda please send them prior to the meeting. We will provide you with an updated agenda upon your arrival.
10.45                                   BREAK
11.00                                   Meeting continued
12:30                                   LUNCH
14:00                                   Meeting continued
16.00                                   BREAK
16.15                                   Meeting continued
18:00                                   DINNER
20:00                                 International night – please remember to bring information/food  /activities to share about your centre or country. Each centre has a 5-10 minute for presentation of the highlights of the past year.

Sunday 9th October:
08:00 – 8:45                   BREAKFAST
09:00                               Check out and departure to Averio City with guided tour.


  1. Opening of the meeting – Mama Goose and Carlos

  2. Report and update from each Centre
    All centres are to report on their achievements and challenges during the past year
  3. International Centres Day (ICD) – Our Chalet
    Report on ICD 2016
    Date for 2017 and a centre to coordinate?
  4. Camp Staff Seminar – 2016 at Rotterdam
    Report from the Planning team
  5. Camp Staff Seminar in 2017
    – Planning Team who wants to join
    a) Hosts for 2017 is Næsbycentre
    b) Hosts for 2018 is Rustavi ISCR
    c)   Future Planning Teams
  1. Guideline/expectations regarding Camp Staff seminar – Maiken
    • See proposed guideline and discuss
  1. Report on Staff Exchange 2016.
    • Who has been on exchange?
    • Coordinator
  2. Goose Game / activity – Tobias/Johanna
  1. Goose Network website – Maiken
    • Login for each center to update their own page


  1. New Goose Network Members
    – NOTE: New members will obtain ‘candidate’ status for a period of 12 months before obtaining full membership status. In these 12 months the Centre needs to show initiative and be active in the Goose network.
    – If these centres are attending the meeting we will approve theme as a full member or welcome as a new candidate member (depending on their involvement so far):
    – Are there any more centres who wish to join:
    – Sweden: Ransberg, Carl Berggren
    – Members resigned or closed during the year?


  1. Mama Goose – Maiken
    • Only elected for one year, she’s willing to continue.


  1. Centre of the month – KISC
    • Evaluation of the project


  1. Next Goose Network Meeting 2017
     – Dates of the meeting and hosting centre to be discussed and agreed on.
  2. Any other business


If you have anything to add to the Agenda, I will need this as well by Friday the 2nd of September.

More information will follow.
I am looking forward to seeing everyone😀
Maiken –Mama Goose

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International Center’s Day 2016

Center Day

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Invitation for Goose Network Meeting 2016

Summer is coming and I hope all of you are ready to welcome the scouts and other visitors you might have during summer😀

The date of this years Goose meeting is the 7-9th of October 2016 and the hosting center is International center for Training of Sao Jacinto in Portugal.

Carlos and I have begun the planing and are looking forward to welcome you all in Portugal.

Friday the 7th check-in is from 18.00 and a joined meal at 20.00.
Saturday the 8th the programe is the meeting agenda and International evening.
Sunday the 9th we will have joined breakfast and hopefully a guided tour to Averio City.

More information, registration and price will follow in August. Final registration will be 2nd of September.

The agenda for the meeting is open for inputs, I will need these latest 1st of September.

  1. Opening of the meeting – Mama Goose and Carlos
  2. Report and update from each Centre
    All centres are to report on their achievements and challenges during the past year
  3. International Centres Day (ICD) – Our Chalet
    Report on ICD 2016
    Date for 2017 and a centre to coordinate?
  4. Camp Staff Seminar 2016 at Rotterdam
    Report from the Planning team
  5. Camp Staff Seminar in 2017
    1. Hosts for 2017 is Næsbycenter
    2. Hosts for 2018 is Rustavi ISCR
  1. Guideline/expectations regarding Camp Staff seminar – Maiken (Søren)
  1. Report on Staff Exchange 2016.
    1. Who has been on exchange?
    2. Coordinator?
  2. Goose Game / activity
  1. Goose Network website – Maiken
    1. Login for each center to update their own page
  1. New Goose Network Members
  1. Mama Goose – Maiken
    1. Elected for one year.
  1. Center of the month – KISC/Maiken
    1. Evaluation of the project
  1. Next Goose Network Meeting 2017
  1. Any other Business

Hope to see you all

Scout greetings
Maiken Nielsen
Mama Goose


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CAMP STAFF SEMINAR 2016 – Rotterdam


A great story that needs to be told.

This year Staff seminar was lead by Søren Hansen, from Houens Odde together with Anna from Vässarö, Sarah from Our Charlet, Katarina from Kandersteg and Katrine & Maiken from Næsbycenter.

The staff met up Wednesday and startet preparing for the participants arriving. Together with Martijn and Olle from Rotterdam, we began setting the mood for staff seminar. Preparing the very important diningroom and after that the great seminar hall, Rotterdam has.

Thursday evening the seminar was kick-startet with a bunch of get-to-know eachother games, amongst others we said hallo, in ways from all over the world and now we know the shape of everyones head – not bad, for the first night. DSC_0096

Friday started with information about GOOSE and a very nice tour around the center, where Olle told a lot of good stories and how they run Rotterdam scout center.

The afternoon was all about PR, how we use the social medias, sharing good ideas and what to be aware of. We also tried to make a goose movie, that might be present during this year! Wait and see😀 b
The evening went by with building scoutcenter and to participants having to work for materials to build the best and biggest! A nice active workshop!

Saturday Rotterdam has planned for os to see a little of Rotterdam – the dutch way, by sailing and seeing the impressive industrial city, Rotterdam is. The afternoon we spend in the threetops, climbing :O

In the evening we had the myCenter, myCountry workshop, with a small quiz about the present centers – followed by a presentation and talk amongst the different centers – A LOT TASTING VERY NICE!!😀

Sunday morning, some went to church and other planned, presented and offcourse played a lot of different games! Followed by a food workshop – that had some differculties, since the recipies where in dutch and danish… But the participants manged to make a very nice 3-course lunch for all of us.

In the afternoon, we had a nice walk and talk while talking/hearing about what had happened at the different centers during the last year. In the evening – we had a great dutch feast, with anything mashed, cale or sussaged.
We enjoyed the latest hour with an indoor campfire – due to storm and rain –

Being my first seminar I was impressed by seeing so many passionated people, finding it so great to meet eachother and exchange ideas and learning from eachother. I am very much looking forward to seeing/hearing more!

Thank you planning team, for your great work planning the seminar, and Rotterdam to facilitate the seminar and not the least preparing a lot of food and introducing us to the dutch cucine – I will never forget the chocolate sprinkels !


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Camp Staff Seminar 2016 – Early Invitation


Dear Goose Network Centre,

This post is about the next Goose Network Camp Staff Seminar, which is to be held at Rotterdam in the Netherlands. You will find the invitation letter in the link just below.


On behalf of the Planning Team

Best regards

Martin Eliasson

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Overview of events associated with the European Scout Region of WOSM in 2016

Important dates of European Region:

Overview of events associated with the European Scout Region of WOSM in 2016

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Goose Network Meeting 2015 – Meeting Minutes

The Goose Network Meeting of 2015 took place at Kaprálův mlýn, Czech Republic and began on Monday 12th October 2015, the day before CMC 2015 (European Guide and Scout Centres Conference) opened. Representatives from all over Europe participated, we elected a new coordinator, accepted new members and had a great time enjoying and learning from the centre and the following CMC.

The meeting took place mostly during Monday the 12th, with additional decision on Goose Network coordinator and some miscellaneous issues handled on Wednesday the 14th.

Kaprálův mlýn in Autumn

Kaprálův mlýn in Autumn

These are the meeting minutes based on the agenda for 2015. Hope to see you soon again.

Morning Energizers

Morning Energizers

1. Martin Eliasson opened the meeting and welcomed every one

2. Reports from each centre

All participating centres presented their centres shortly and what had happened during the year at the centre. There were lots of questions and discussions.

I cannot give further info on what was said in the reports since I cannot decide on what information is for public and what is network internal.

Reports from each centre

Reports from each centre

On the importance of keeping the scout roots

On the importance of keeping the scout roots

3. Reports from Goose Network Activities

3.1 International Centres Day

3.1.3 Report from 2015

Næsbycentre was thanked for arranging a very good ICD. It was a little unfortunate that so few had to participate the chosen date. Either way, it has proven to be difficult to beat the fighting spirit of the Chalet.

3.1.2 Who will organize it 2016?

Our Chalet volunteered to organize it so every one else has a fair chance to win.

3.1.3 When?

14:th of July 2016. Write it down.

3.2 Camp Staff Seminar

3.2.1 2015 KISC

The Camp Staff Seminar continues to be very popular and again we had a great seminar with many participants. Great thanks and special recognition to Søren Hansen for just taking the lead this year and KISC for letting us all go backstage everywhere.

Don’t miss the full report which exists as a series of blogg posts written by the participants.

All this snow...

All this snow…

3.2.2 Camp Staff Seminar 2016, 2017 and 2018

Rotterdam volunteered to host Staff Seminar in 2016 in order to replace Spain who unfortunately had to back out. Being a lightweight network of gives us the kind of agile strength to handle such events.

Næsbycenter will host in 2017 as previously agreed.

Rustavi, ISCR, volunteered to host in 2018.

3.2.3 Planning team and new main organizer for staff seminar

– The following centres has committed to find someone for planning team:

KISC, Saojocinto, Our Chalet, (Næsbycenter) and Scout Centre Budapest (maybe).

3.3 Reports from Staff Exchange 2014-2015

– There have been lots of staff exchange, no agreed through the coordinator, Markéta (Zellhof), and no reported to coordinator, however, the coordinator stated that it’s better that it happens a lot and the coordinator does nothing than the other way around.

Markéta volunteered to be staff exchange coordinator for another year which was very appreciated.

3.4 Report from Goose Game Coordinators

The Goose Game Coordinators has updated the goose game significantly this year, both games, maps and centre info. To reflect the effort put into the game, the Goose Network coordinator requested all centres to report their game feedback using the survey sent out.

The Goose Game Coordinators – Tobias (Houens Odde) and Johanna (Bucher Berg) –  volunteered to continue to be coordinators for another year. Big thanks.

4. Goose Network

4.1 Next Goose Meetings

Sajocinto will host in 2016 as decided previous meetings.

2017 is a CMC year and the mangers meeting will take place the day before CMC but we will need to push to get the CMC going much earlier.

Zellhof volunteered to host managers meeting in 2018 and Scout Centre Budapest asked to be on queue for 2019.

A reflection, as I’m typing these minutes: what if Zellhof decides to apply for hosting CMC 2017 (I have no idea if they have such plans) and Zellhof gets selected, then we might end up with two managers meetings in Zellhof?

4.2 New Goose Network Coordinator

Martin Eliasson, Vässarö, was thanked for executing the coordinator responsibilities of 2015 because the elected coordinator Myriam was prevented from doing the work due to force majeur.

The meeting elected and welcomed Maiken Anée Nielsen from Næsbycentret as new Goose Network coordinator aka Mama-Goose.

4.4 New and Old Goose Network Members

International Scout Centre Rustavia (ISCR) and Scout Centre Budapest had applied for membership and was welcomed into the network as members!

4.5 Goose Network Website

No big changes during the year.

4.6 Misc

A workshop style exercise was held focusing on the migration situation in Europe, how it is impacting centres and surrounding communities, what are being done and what can be done.

The situation from country to country differs greatly and the experiences at the centres varies a lot. Because of this, currently there is very little in common between the Goose Network Centres when discussing this issue. An upcoming seminar on the issue was mentioned: European Refugee Response Seminar 2015.

The opportunity to cooperate within Goose to promote ourselves and promote being a staff at a Goose Centre by being part of Intercamp 2016 was discussed. The interest varies a lot within the Goose Network. In 2016 there would be a great opportunity since we have potentially good connections to the Czech planning team.

Martin presented the work in progress status of the Goose Network Impact Statistics to show how we are Scout Centres Reaching far outside the Scout Movement.

4.7 Meeting Over

Martin closed the meeting and thanked everyone for their great and important work not to mention warm friendship.

After the first part of the meeting had closed, it was time for CMC 2015 to open.

CMC 2015

CMC 2015

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