Meeting minutes Goose Managers Meeting 2017

logo ulfljotsvatn

Opening of the meeting/Mama Goose

  • Short introduction of the year that has past, in the Goose Network.
  • We introduced a Guideline for the seminar, with good success and will be using it for the future seminars.
  • There has been good communication within the network, throughout the year, and interest from other centers to join the network.

Speedy News from each Centre

  • All centers reported; one good and one bad news from the past year.
    • Present centres at the meeting:
      • Kopperbo
      • Our Chalet
      • Ada’s Hoeve
      • Griebal
      • Scout Valley
      • Kapraluv Mlyn
      • Zellhoff
      • (San Jacinto)
      • Scoutcentrum Rotterdam
      • Ulfljotsvatn
      • Buitenzorg
      • Nocrich
      • Ransberg
      • Kandersteg
      • Næsbycentret
      • Houens Odde
      • Drave
      • Rustavi
      • Apulia
      • Bucher Berg

Goose Network Coordinator/Mama Goose

  • We need to select a new mama/papa Goose.
    • Maiken has finished her two years as Mama Goose, she will be ready to answer questions ect. in the overlap, to ensure the good energy within the Network.
    • It was suggested to elect new Mama/Papa Goose at the CMC year, since there might be more centres present. It was accepted at the meeting, and this will be the procedure in the future and will be written in the Mission statement.
    • Ewoud Vielvoije-Mol, Buitenzorg, voluteers and are elected as new Papa Goose. Contact information: e-mail:, phone: +31 6 31750506.
    • Ewoud is unsure about his connection to his present center. But is willing to put his energy into the Network and have experience doing Centerwork and management.
    • It was discussed how it will effect the Network in case he is connected to a center that is not part of Goose, in that case it will not mean that the Center will become part of Goose Network, but othervise no objections.

International Centres Day (ICD) /Kapraluf Mlyn


  • Report on ICD 23rd of September 2017
    • Body art – make your centers logo with your body
    • 5 centres participated:
      • Our Chalet (60p.)
      • Drave (61p.)
      • Nocrich (62p.)
      • Pax Lodge (66p.)
      • Houens Odde (68p.), there was no staff at the center – so people was called in to the center to make the picture.
  • Date for 2018 and a centre to coordinate?
    • The winner will coordinate next year, therefor it is Houens Odde.
    • The date this year was not that good for Houens Odde, and they suggest doing it during summer. It has been decided that it is the hosting center that decides the date and the date next year will be: 15th of July 2018.
  • Several of the centers has not seen the invitation even though it has been posted on website, facebook and sent via e-mail. No new ideas was suggested, so it was emphazised to keep an eye open for it.
  • Badge for ICD/ Houens Odde
    • It was dicussed that it will be expensive to have made and difficult to have sent around to participating centers.
    • A trophe was dicussed instead. And it was dicided to make one. Kapraluf Mlyn will make up one and bring to easter seminar and give to Houens Odde.

Camp Staff Seminar 2017 / Mama Goose

  • Report from the Planning team.
    • Hosting center: Næsbycentret
    • Planning Team: Paja from Kapraluf Mlyn, Tea from International Scout Center Rustavi, Kathrine from Næsbycenter and Maiken as Coordinator
    • 16 participants.
    • A new workshop was tried: Goose game workshop, was a great succes since a lot of the participant new it exsisted but never played it. After the workshop the participants felt ready to go home to their own center and play it with participants.
    • The Goose game workshop was decided to keep every year, to promote the game.
  • Follow-up on the Guideline for the Seminar.
    • No comments

Camp Staff Seminar in 2018/Rustavi & Mama Goose

  • The Hosting Center for 2018 is International Scout Center of Rustavi.
    • The following centers voluntered for planning team
    • Næsbycenter: Maiken, planningteam coordinator
    • ISCR: Tea, contactperson from center
    • Our Chalet: one person
    • Drave: Susana Costa
    • Houens Odde: Rikke Lauridsen
    • Ewoud, Papa Goose
  • Finance for the seminar: Erasmus+ and Leadership Training Fund /Felipe & Mama Goose
    • Proposal from ISCR: We are proposing a new idea regarding “Goose Network Staff meeting 2018”. We are thinking of organizing the meeting in June 2018 and we would like to apply for Erasmus+ funding in February.
    • The proposal was discussed and it was decided that Easter was the best time for the seminar since, only one center would be able to participate in the summerperiod. 7 centers said they expected to participate even though there would be no funding. The normal participant’s number is around 16 and that is estimated approximately 7 centers, so it was decided that there were no reason to not just continue the planning of next seminar even without funding.
  • Funding for future seminars
    • It was discussed that it would be interesting to look into funding in general to ensure that more centers in general would participate in the seminars.
    • Leadership training fund was discussed as a possibility: it would mean that there would have to be a specific training goal of the seminar and maybe a change of the name.
    • Felipe (KISC) will look in to the Leadership Training Fund for the seminar 2018 and share with the Planning Team(Maiken). It is added that it is the hosting center that will be the application center.
    • In the future it needs to be considered that funding needs to be started before the meeting in the fall before the seminar, so it was decided to find the persons for the planning team in 2019, so they could look in to funding. When we get some more experiences with funding it can be decided if it should be a strategy for all future seminars.
    • It was decided that 2018 + 2019 will be trial years where we will look in to funding and therefore we will set the planning team for 2019, so they can search for funding broadly for 2019.
  • Host for 2019: Houens Odde
    • Planning team: Rikke(Houens Odde), Susanna(Drave), Ewoud(Papa Goose)
    • Susanne at the office at Houens Odde will be able to help with searching funds for the Erasmus, she is already doing that, so she knows a lot about it.
  • Host for 2020:
    • Bucherberg volunteered to consult management about hosting
    • Kopparbo also offered but Bucherberg will be first priority.

Report on Staff Exchange 2017

  • Who has been on exchange?
    • Ransberg sent a volunteer to Kandersteg (KISC Academy). It will be held again and is still open for others. The only costs are transportation to KISC. There will be sent out an invitation, first date will be 5th to 9th of January and one more later in spring.
  • Goose exchange schedule/Houens Odde
    • It was suggested to make a form with all the possibilities of what the center can offer for the exchange.
      But was discussed that there is already a page at the Goose website, and centers decided at the last Managers Meeting to update their own page with the information. It was decided that there should be a heading at the individual Centers page for Exchange opportunities, where the center can describe: when it is good to come to the center?, what is offered?, if you offer EVS? As part of the standard template.
    • It was discussed that The Exchange Coordinator role is not used. The centers contact each other directly, so they only contact the Exchange coordinator if they cannot get in contact and in that situation the coordinator is not able to help since they most likely will have the same information.
  • It was also discussed that every year it is discussed, why nobody do the exchange, but every year we decide it is a good idea, because you can get knowhow and network if you go at an exchange. And then again the next year we have the same discussion. So it was suggested to have the Exchange more promoted.
    Mama/papa goose can help with promoting exchange possibilities.
    It was decided that Papa/mama Goose will promote the Exchange two times a year, once in spring and once in autumn.
  • There is a Staff Exchange page on the Goose website, where it was suggested to have a full list of centres offering EVS and a direct link to the centers page on the Goose website. We have to ask Martin if that is possible.

Goose Game/activity /Houens Odde

  • New coordinator(s) need to be found.
    Lucas Guldberg Frydendall from Houenes Odde is interested, but would like to have a partner. Griebal offered to find a person who can help with the work.
  • Goal and framework for the Goose Game/Houens Odde.
    • New coodinators will discuss this with Tobias the old coordinator and we will follow-up next year.

Center of the month /Drave & Mama Goose

  • Evaluation of the project
    • It has been hard for Drave to run the project since they have had a hard time getting information/pictures from the centers. 5 centers has given input. It was discussed and decided that the centers are still interested in the project and want to give it another try. But it was also decided that there should be a deadline and it will just be the centers that have given information, instead of waiting for everyone.
    • The procedure will be:
      Fill out the form, Drave make the design and then everybody shares this on Facebook to promote all the centers in the Network. The design will be the same every time. In the dropbox it will be in English – and in Facebook there is the opportunity to translate it, when sharing.
    • It was decided to having a deadline – and the centres who send anything in will be a part of this project. We cannot decide that everybody have to participate, but the deadline will be 30. November 2017.
    • There will be sent out a calender after the deadline where we can see when we have to promote.
    • The post for the specific period will be sent out by an email to all the centers, so they just have to share.
    • Maiken invites everybody again to the dropbox where to find everything for this project. Remember to check SPAM.

New Goose Network Members/Mama Goose

  • NOTE: New members will obtain ‘candidate’ status for a period of 12 months before obtaining full membership status. In these 12 months the Centre needs to show initiative and be active in the Goose network.
    If these centres are attending the meeting we will approve them as a full member or welcome as a new candidate member (depending on their involvement so far):
  • Are there any more centres who wish to join? (for discussion and agreement)
    • Candidate centers:
      Denmark: Stevningehus (they want to be active)
      Since the center is not present at the meeting, it was decided according to the discussion below that they will stay a candidate center.
  • General discussion of what is expected from a candidate center to become full member.
    • It was agreed that the candidate center needs to be present at the meeting. Since the main goal of the Network is to exchange knowledge/knowhow and we use the activities in the Network for that. The Managers Meeting is an important activity to take part in and are where the Centers show they are active.
    • It will be added to the mission statement that a candidate center have to be present if they want to become a full member. If not they will stay a candidate center and be contacted in regards to still being part of the Network.
    • Ireland: Larch Hill (not ready, yet to apply)
  • New Centres:
    • Iceland: Úlfljótsvatn Outdoor and Scout Center (they are now a candidate centre)
    • Lithuania: Scout Valley: Very active centre with a lot of energy. They already participated in exchange with other Goose centers (they are now a candidate centre).
  • Members resigned or closed during the year: No
  • General discussion of what active means and how we define an active center:
    • It was discussed if you have to participate in the Managers Meeting every year, which was agreed was the most optimal since this is where we share/network. But what then if you are not able to participate because of other arrangements, finance ect. The network do not wish to exclude people based on that if it might just be one year. But it was then expressed it would be very important to answer the Mama/Papa Goose when this person writes and asks if the your Center intends to be active the next year and it would be good to add what has happened at your center, and what has caused that you are not able to participate in the Managers Meeting.
    • Maiken points out that in the mission statement it is written that we aim at 16-20 centers in the network, with the new candidate centers we are above 20 if they become full members. It was decided to keep it light and makes sure everyone is active. And it is also pointed out that it is important to think about that every center should be able to host the activities within the Network. Discussion of what does the number 20 means – is it okay to be more centers or?
    • We decided to park the discussion for now, and put it on the agenda for next year.
  • There were counted 18 present centers and we have 19 full member centers, so a lot of the centers are present and wants to be active.
  • We agreed to this definition for being active for now, which will be implemented in the mission statement:
  • Being active:
    • Taking part in:
      • Activities at your own centre (ICD/Goosegame etc.)
      • Activities outside your centre (exchance/seminar/meeting)
    • And being ready for:
      • Being part of a planning team
      • Hosting a seminar/meeting/conference
      • Being coordinator of Goose network, Goose game or other project.
  • It was also agreed that it will be a good way for new centers to see what is expected from them when they enter the Network.
  • Not spoken at the meeting but heard afterwards: Scenes have the same discussion.

Next Goose Network Meeting 2018

  • Dates of the meeting and hosting centre.
    • Zellhof has offered for 2018 and are still interested and ready for it. The date was agreed on: the 6th to 7th of October 2018.
  • 2019: Center Managers Conference: They are looking for planning team and hosting center.
  • 2020: Romania: Nochrich offered to look in to hosting it.

Any other business

  • It was asked where to get the template for the Goose Game badges, it can be acquired from Mama/Papa Goose.
  • Kandersteg ask about an agreement between the Goose Centers, that says that you can spend a night or two at other Goose centers for free, they offer that and free food as well. But they are not sure that it is an understanding at all the centers?
    • Some of the centers have never heard of this and others have the same practice, or a very low fee.
    • It was decided that you should contact the center you want to visit in advance to ask for it. Then the center can decide/tell what they offer, since that is very different and the center can be full and have no room. It will only apply to the staff/volunteer that is connected to a Goose Center.
  • Marketa from Zellhof shares that they had an bad experience in regards to travel insurance, where a volunteer was not covered in regards to an accident at the center, so she advises other centers to be aware if that.

Thank you all for a great meeting and two great years as Mama Goose it has been a pleasure to get to know all of you and your wonderful centers 😀

I hope to see you all in the future, somewhere in the scouting universe.

Yours in Scouting
Maiken/Mama Goose signing off 



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