The Goose Network consists of centers from all over Europe.

Below is a list with all centers.

Country Short Info Web site
Sweden Vässarö
Schweiz Our Chalet
Schweiz KISC
Luxembourg Neihaischen
Portugal Sao Jacinto
Portugal Drave
Spain Griebal
Denmark Næsbycentret
Denmark Houens odde
Netherlands Buitenzorg
Lithuania Scout Valley
Germany Burg Rieneck
Germany Bucher Berg
Austria Pfadfinderdorf Zellhof
Italy BP-Park
Czech Republic Kaprálův Mlýn
Romaia Nocrich Scout Centre
Netherlands Scout Centre Rotterdam
Georgia International Scout Centre Rustavi
Iceland Úlfliótsvatn

  logotxt_chalet_en logo logo_kisc  Logo_Neihaischen  logo4 LogoBNIV zellhoflogo-199 Houensodde  logo BZ groen imagesCAY4BAD5 ccdbf54fc121c1f4d608062eb9160c47  vassero  GetAttachment.aspxNaesbyv2Nocrich Scout Centre Logologologo ulfljotsvatn    scout_valley_logo_Blue_mini


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