Goose Seminar 2017

Dear Centre Managers and Friends in Scouting or Guiding
We are pleased to invite 1 or 2 young people from your Centre to join the 13nd Goose Network Camp Staff Seminar, which is taking place from Thursday 13th to Monday 17th April 2017 at Scout Center Næsbycentre, Denmark:

Objectives of the Seminar 

  • To create a new partnership/network directly between young people dedicated to work with the development of our centers.
  • To promote the Youth programme between the participants with focus on exchange of voluntary staff members, networking and future seminars on topics of common interest.
  • To share ideas on activities, methods and thereby to open the possibility of improving the quality of our projects.
  • To concentrate on personal development (skills, knowledge, attitude)

Beneficiaries of the Seminar
The participants should be (voluntary) staff members, ideally aged between 18 and 30, and from a Goose Network Scout / Guide Centre. They should demonstrate an interest in both environmental issues, networking and in making improvements of their Scout / Guide Centre.

Seminar Programme
The seminar consists of both theoretical and practical sessions. Topics will include ‘My Centre, My Country’, ‘Market of Possibilities’, how to be a Goose Network Camp Staff member, nature conservation and environmental work, intercultural communication, and local Scouting in an environmental context. More information on the programme will follow with the registration.

The seminar fee per person includes: accommodation, tourist tax, full board, activities and VAT.  The fee will be in the registration information.

The application for the seminar will be sent out in February. More information will be available at the Goose Network website:

We look forward to hearing from you, and to welcoming you to Scout Center Næsbycentre, Denmark for this event. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Planning Team via

Yours in Scouting and Guiding
The Planning Team
Maiken Nielsen, Denmark; Katrine Hansen, Denmark; Tea Kekua, Georgien; Pavla Glosová, Czech Republic

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European Guide & Scout Centre Manager’s Conference

See the invitation in the link: 2017-cmc-invitation


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Goose meeting – minutes


  1. Opening of the meeting – Mama Goose and José Carlos
    The Mama Goose, Maiken, and the Director of CNFA, José Carlos, opened the meeting at 9.30 am. Maiken thanked everyone for their presence and expressed her satisfaction in being Mama Goose and the dedication of the staff at the Camp Staff Seminar.


  1. Report and update from each Centre
  • Houens Odde
    • How to further explore the capacity of the camping areas/activities
    • Fundraised for facility projects, however struggling with the restrictions and regulations by authorities
    • Youth Island –a new project by the Danish National Council
  • Kapraluv Mlyn
    • CMC 2015 was a success
    • World Environmental Seminar was a highlight of the past year
    • Challenge: large french and German groups – learned about the max capacity of their water installations
  •  KISC
    • Positive outcome after financial crisis
    • Good overnights in 2016
    • Challenge: more people than max capacity and infrastructure needs improvements, specifically the hot water on the campsite
    • Focus for the next year to improve staff experience
  •  Vässarö
    • Infrastructure – Building backup power station – Building a new werkhof for equipement and machinery – Bought a boat
    • Society, Spring and Autumn school leaves, Sea rescue units/trainings
    • Camps – Big camp called Boomerang – confirmation camps
  • Our Chalet
    • Difficulties with numbers, big cancellations
    • Good Autumn season guest wise
    • Challenges: Hot water tank leaked; dish sanitizer broke; New boiler will need to be installed for the main buildings;
    • Next year is 85th anniversary
    • Good KPI’s, highlight is kitchen manager who improved quality of meals very well
    • Good feedback on staff
  •  Rotterdam
    • New Centre Manager – Olle
    • Shortage of Camp Staff
    • Challenges with some structure – overdue maintenance to obstacle courses, raft ferries, etc.
    • Good fixed tents that helps groups
    • Good overnights and finances
    • Application for Scenes
  •  Drave
    • Re-developing the corporate image
    • Implementing the Scouts Go Solar training
    • New Badge with activities and requirements
    • New Programme with Solar Cooking
    • New Concept: get offline – no phones, no internet, no clocks, just you and nature.
  • Ransberg
    • Challenges with structural changes on the Foundation board and leadership
    • Visits to other Scout Centres and focus on Volunteers has been great
    • Lots of opportunities for the coming years, with requests and inquiries. Possibility to expand on the capacity of the camping facilities to up to 8000 campers
    • National board meeting at Ransberg after 28 years suggesting it.



Coffee break


  • Sao Jacinto
    • Difficulties with finances as the facilities are old and the income is not very high due to low fees
    • Around 10.000 overnights and some international campers, but no international staff members
    • Reviewing the programme
  •  Naesbycentre
    • New website – joined page for the staff and the guests
    • Programme – black smithy , still under development
    • Built a storage for pioneering poles in cooperation with Houens Odde.
    • Material Yard – It is very organised with a log book and catalogued with all that is there, and now has ben fully organised
  • Zellhof – E-Mail
    • Have had an excellent and very demanding season. They have been very happy to participate in the past and Lisa had a great time at the Camp Staff Seminar.
    • They would like to host the Goose conference in 2018.
  • Bucher Berg – E-mail
    • Also had a nice summer but is lacking staff to send to the meeting.
    • Hope to participate in the Camp Staff-seminar
  • International Scout Centre Rustavi – E-mail
    • Not able to participate in meeting
    • Still wish to host Goose Camp Staff seminar 2018
  • Nocrich Scout centre – E-mail
    • Not able to attend due to Romanian national Jamboree meeting.
    • Have a staff member who is interested in being part of planning team for the Camp Staff Seminar
  • Griebal Scout Centre – E-mail
    • Asked to attend, but never heard back.








  1. International Centres Day (ICD) – Our Chalet
    Nikki (Our Chalet) explained what the activities were for this year’s ICD and awarded the prizes fort he winners. There was a discussion regarding the low attendance to this years ICD, and the conclusion was that the date during Summer was unfortunate and the Centre’s couldn’t find staff for it.

For 2017, the manager’s meeting has chosen the 23rd of September 2017 as the date for the next ICD. Kapraluv Mlyn has shown interest in organizing it, this has been confirmed afterwards by e-mail.


  1. Camp Staff Seminar 2016 at Rotterdam
    Maiken explained the programme and the activities that were run during the seminar this year in Rotterdam.

The centre’s considered the inputs from the evaluation and discussed the purposes of the Camp Staff Seminar and that we would like to review the guidelines towards the Camp Staff Seminar. Maiken has presented a draft of the „job description“ of for the host Centre.

Martin thanked Rotterdam for taking this challenge and hosting the event of 2016 in such a short notice. A thanks was extended to the planning team.

A work group has been set up with Felipe (KISC), Martin (Vassaro) and Kirstine (Houens Odde) to review the objectives and draft detailed descriptions and guidelines to this event. The deadline is the 30th of November 2017.


  1. Camp Staff Seminar in 2017
    Planning Team proposals and selection of the host Centre for 2017.
    a) Hosts for 2017 is Næsbycentre
    b) Hosts for 2018 is Rustavi ISCR
    c) Future Planning Teams :

Names were mentioned for possible members of the planning team of 2017 and Maiken will be in touch with them. Anna from Vässarö, Katrine from Næsbycentre, Andreea from Nocrich, Maiken from Næsbycentre, one from ISCR,

Houens Odde has offered to host the Camp Staff Seminar in 2019.


  1. Guideline/expectations regarding Camp Staff seminar – Maiken
    This subject was covered in item 5 and will be addressed by the work group.
  1. Report on Staff Exchange 2016.
    Naesbycentre reported that they sent 2 staff on exchange to Zellhof and to KISC. The staff have not yet written any reports.

Marketa is going to be asked by Maiken if she would like to stay as a coordinator. The managers proposed changes to the role of the coordinator which will be implemented in the Mission Statement and uploaded to the website, and informed to the coordinator.


  1. Goose Game / activity – Tobias
    Tobias reported that all the materials are on the website. The centres are meant to update their information on the website.
    The different centres reported that generally the game is great but many are still implementing it.

Tobias and Joey said they are happy to stay as coordinators but they wouldn’t mind if new people wanted to take over and bring new ideas. The Centres feel that now that the game is established, they wouldn’t mind to maintain the current structure before making more changes. No one else was interested in coordinating, so Tobias and Joey will remain as coordinators for another year. Maiken reminded that we will need another coordinator soon.

  1. Goose Network website – Maiken
    Maiken pointed out that a big part of the website is not up to date and proposes that every centre should have a login. This was endorsed by all.
  1. New Goose Network Members
    Scout Camp Ransberg  was accepted as a full member of the network, unanimously.

Stevningehus was accepted as a candidate centre for a year. If during this year they are active in the network, they will then be accepted as full members at the next Managers Meeting.
The present managers went through the current list of members of the network and agreed that some centres should be contacted by Maiken if they would like to remain members, and in that case they should be active, otherwise they will be invited to leave the network.
Also we brainstormed for interesting centers to invite to join the network. Maiken will contact these with an invitation for the Network.

  1. Mama Goose – Maiken
    Maiken was elected as Mama Goose for another year, unanimously.


  1. Centre of the month – KISC
    The members present felt the activity was worth while, even though it didn’t work perfectly at first. Maiken proposed to take this back on track as of January 2017. The members felt a coordinator was needed in order to make the activity really effective. Paulo (Drave) volunteered to be the coordinator.
    All centers need to update the template and Maiken will re-invite all to the dropbox with documents.


  1. The result of the center impact survey and possible updates – Martin
    Martin presented the work that was done to measure the impact Scout Centres across Europe have on Scouting.


  1. Next Goose Network Meeting 2018
    Dates of the meeting and hosting centre to be discussed and agreed on.
  • Zellhof has offered for 2018.
    The dates for the next Goose Network Managers Meeting are dependant on the location for the next CMC 2017, which has not been decided yet. As soon as a decision is taken, the network will be informed.


  1. Any other business
    • Refugee oportunities
      Felipe (KISC) mentioned the opportunity to support foodKIND a charity organisation initiated by scouts that organises mission trips to refugee camps and delivers food and compassion.
    • Maj’s goodbye
      Maj announced that this is probably her last meeting and thanked everyone for the good times working together.
    • International Opportunities
      There were suggestions on how to explore international marketing by taking part in international events. In 2017 many NSOs will have their national jamboree (eg. Norway, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Spain) and the planning teams are looking for international opportunities, such as Scout Centres that can do promotion or run programme.
    • KISC Academy
      Every year KISC organises a leadership and management training for their long term staff called the KISC Academy,  it focus on training the staff for running the Centre. KISC is happy to invite staff members from other Centre’s to take part in the KISC Academy. Dates will be shared when confirmed.
    • Goose Handouts
      There was a suggestion that having printed handouts about the Goose network would be a good way of explaining what it is. There are many challenges to that, including budgeting. Maiken will sent some thoughts to Our Chalet, they will make a design and sent it out, next year we will evaluate on the handouts.


  1. Closing
    Maiken closed the meeting at 17.30 on Saturday the 8th of October 2017.

Minutes by Felipe Marqueis


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Learning to Grow – A Thousand Rivers


Right now, it’s about a year since ECMC 2015 which had the theme “Learning to Grow”. I’m going to use this moment to point out that we are half way to next ECMC and that the planning for the next conference has begun.Hope to see you there.

Whatever the theme will be, this is a moment to reflect on what the last conference was about and what we have done since the conference.

I think the whole theme about learning – not program or activity – but at the heart learning was very important and it has made me reflect upon how we evaluate our program and ways of working.

I have spent time reading a few books and essays on the subject and I’m still trying to learn more about it. Inspiration can be taken from the US self schooling moment, but be careful to understand that US public schools are not like ours. That being said, I can recommend John Taylor Gatto’s “Dumbing s Down – the hidden curriculum of compulsory schooling”. Choosing one of the countless of quotes that can be taken from that classic book, I choose a Sokrates one because BP also quoted Sokrates.

“Is it any wonder that Socrates was outraged at the accusation he took money to teach? Even then, philosophers saw clearly the inevitable direction the professionalization of teaching would take, that of pre-empting the teaching function, which, in a healthy community, belongs to everyone.”
― John Taylor Gatto, Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Education


For me, the essay of the year on learning is: Carol Black’s: A Thousand Rivers – What the Modern World has Forgotten About Children and Learning. Here’s a quote to get you started that sounds like a seasoned scout leader could have written it:

Any wildlife biologist knows that an animal in a zoo will not develop normally if the environment is incompatible with the evolved social needs of its species. But we no longer know this about ourselves. We have radically altered our own evolved species behavior by segregating children artificially in same-age peer groups instead of mixed-age communities, by compelling them to be indoors and sedentary for most of the day, by asking them to learn from text-based artificial materials instead of contextualized real-world activities, by dictating arbitrary timetables for learning rather than following the unfolding of a child’s developmental readiness. Common sense should tell us that all of this will have complex and unpredictable results.

Hope to see you all again.

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Call to host CMC 2017 is out

This post is about hosting the next European Guide and Scout Centre Managers Conference in 2017 (CMC 2017).

The call to host can now be found here (new link): 15th_cmc_call-to-host


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Goose Meeting 2016 – Registration


Here is the RegistrationForm_GooseNetworkMeeting2016

To participate in the meeting I will need, the Registration Form returned from every member participating, from your centre. I need to have the registration form by Friday the 2nd of September.
Carlos has provided information on how to get to S. Jacinto: How to get to S. Jacinto.
So you can start planning your trip.

Friday 7th October:
18:00                                   Check in
20:00                                   Dinner

Saturday 8th October:
08:00 – 8:45                      BREAKFAST
09:00                                   Opening and Flag Ceremony
09:30                                   Goose Network Meeting – see Agenda.
Should you have any additional items for the agenda please send them prior to the meeting. We will provide you with an updated agenda upon your arrival.
10.45                                   BREAK
11.00                                   Meeting continued
12:30                                   LUNCH
14:00                                   Meeting continued
16.00                                   BREAK
16.15                                   Meeting continued
18:00                                   DINNER
20:00                                 International night – please remember to bring information/food  /activities to share about your centre or country. Each centre has a 5-10 minute for presentation of the highlights of the past year.

Sunday 9th October:
08:00 – 8:45                   BREAKFAST
09:00                               Check out and departure to Averio City with guided tour.


  1. Opening of the meeting – Mama Goose and Carlos

  2. Report and update from each Centre
    All centres are to report on their achievements and challenges during the past year
  3. International Centres Day (ICD) – Our Chalet
    Report on ICD 2016
    Date for 2017 and a centre to coordinate?
  4. Camp Staff Seminar – 2016 at Rotterdam
    Report from the Planning team
  5. Camp Staff Seminar in 2017
    – Planning Team who wants to join
    a) Hosts for 2017 is Næsbycentre
    b) Hosts for 2018 is Rustavi ISCR
    c)   Future Planning Teams
  1. Guideline/expectations regarding Camp Staff seminar – Maiken
    • See proposed guideline and discuss
  1. Report on Staff Exchange 2016.
    • Who has been on exchange?
    • Coordinator
  2. Goose Game / activity – Tobias/Johanna
  1. Goose Network website – Maiken
    • Login for each center to update their own page


  1. New Goose Network Members
    – NOTE: New members will obtain ‘candidate’ status for a period of 12 months before obtaining full membership status. In these 12 months the Centre needs to show initiative and be active in the Goose network.
    – If these centres are attending the meeting we will approve theme as a full member or welcome as a new candidate member (depending on their involvement so far):
    – Are there any more centres who wish to join:
    – Sweden: Ransberg, Carl Berggren
    – Members resigned or closed during the year?


  1. Mama Goose – Maiken
    • Only elected for one year, she’s willing to continue.


  1. Centre of the month – KISC
    • Evaluation of the project


  1. Next Goose Network Meeting 2017
     – Dates of the meeting and hosting centre to be discussed and agreed on.
  2. Any other business


If you have anything to add to the Agenda, I will need this as well by Friday the 2nd of September.

More information will follow.
I am looking forward to seeing everyone 😀
Maiken –Mama Goose

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International Center’s Day 2016

Center Day

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