Goose Game


Welcome to Goose Game!
The idea of the game is to get to know the goose centres all over Europe. Each goose center have contributed with one or two activities for the game.

The game is a mixture of a regular board game and small educating activities – this is first class learning by doing!

We are all the time trying to update and upgrade the game, therefore we would be gratefull if your staff and participants would give some feedback in the evaluation form below after playing the game.

At this page you find Game Board, instructors manual and a file with the different games.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to  contact the Goose Game coordinators.

Game Board

Useful documents
Goose Game – Activities and centerinformation
Goose Game – Instructors manual
Goose Game – Jocker Hat

We need your feedback to improve the game! Please find both evaluation forms for participants and staff members below.

Evaluation form, Staff members
Evaluation form, Participants

Goose Game coordinators
From 11th october 2014 The Gooose Network has got 2 coordinators of Goose Game:

1453263_274652609400110_6898371240625695399_n  Tobias Simonsen, Houens Odde (DK)

IMG_2936 Johanna Scheumann, Bucher Berg (DE)

If you want to contact the coordinators, please write an e-mail to 



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