Campstaff seminar 2018

For the camp staff seminar 2018 we stayed at International Scout Centre Rustavi in Georgia. The Planning team members were Tea from the hosting centre, Emma from Our Chalet, Susana from Drave, Maiken from Næsbycentre, Rikke Marie from Houens Odde and Ewoud as Papa Goose.

For the planning we had different Skype meetings where we brainstormed and made the planning for the workshops. Because of the fact that most flights to Georgia arrive at night the planning team had fully arrived by Thursday morning. After the meeting for the last details, we got a tour through Tbilisi and a lovely diner with a view over Tbilisi with the planning team and David (centre manager).

Because most of the 14 participants arrived during the night from Thursday to Friday we started the program on Friday morning with greetings and getting to know the centre staff, participants and planning team.

We introduced The Goose Network explaining the different meetings, communications/social media and possibilities like staff exchange.

After this meeting we got a tour around the centre and learned that ISCR is a new centre, like scouting in Georgia, and a combination of a scout centre/youth hostel and social project in Rustavi. They are expanding at this moment with a new plot of land and building a new building.

After lunch and a quick nap (due to the very short night most of the participants had) we started with the workshop: Life begins at the end of the comfort zone. Here we talked about doing activities where you challenge yourself being outside your own comfort zone to widen your comfort zone and achieve some great goals.

We played a small part of The Goose Game to get the participants familiar with The Goose Game. After playing we asked them if they could discuss some positive points and some improvements. We are going to share them with The Goose Game coordinators.

As a possible way to organize your personal life we looked at the method of Getting things done. We talked about Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly overviews and organizing your inbox with questions like: “What can we do?” And “Can I do it within two minutes”.

During the evening we had the My Centre, My Country evening where the participants had to “sell” their centre to the other participants to try to convince them to come to their centre with a group of scouts. We saw a lot of interesting selling points of the different centers.

Campstaff seminar 2018 Friday

On Saturday we were finally complete because of the delay of two of the participants with 24 hours. During the speed dating sessions in Market of possibilities we heard about the successes and challenges from other centers.

In the afternoon and evening we were offered by ISCR a tour through Georgia and Tbilisi. We went to a Cathedral, monastery and Cave town.We closed the evening at a restaurant where we had a typical Georgian meal with (non) traditional music and dances.

Campstaff seminar 2018 Saturday

The Sunday was already the last day of the seminar with a full program day ahead. The day started with a workshop about cooperation and cooperation between different team roles according to Belbin. We filled the morning with a small talk about the advantages of being a scout in the professional life.

After lunch we looked really into the environment and the world programs. We started to play with an artificial sun and some insects and learned about the program Scouts go solar and Scenes. The last part of the official program was the Sustainable goals from UN.

During the campfire evening we did a small tradition from every country and planted, as a tradition in the Danish environment program, our own Future Goose Tree.

Normally we would also type a little bit about the Monday. But most of the people had to get their flight in the middle of the night/early morning.

Campstaff seminar 2018 Sunday

Thank you!

As a planning team we would like to thank everyone who made this a great seminar. The centre staff was great and helped us out a lot (special thanks to the guys who picked us up at the airport at the most impossible hours). The participants were great and gave a lot of information during the workshops. And final thanks goes to the planning team for their effort and hours they spent doing  a great job!

Susanna, Emma, Rikke Marie, Tea, Maiken and Ewoud

Campstaff seminar 2018 Planning



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