Goose Network Staff Exchange Næsby Centret and Buitenzorg Scout Centre

Last week Næsby Centret and Scout Centre Buitenzorg had the great opportunity to exchange ideas and work together through the exchange program of the Goose Network. During a full week staff from both centers worked together as a team at Buitenzorg. Besides the odd jobs at the center, activities for guests such as clog painting, leather works and the international camp fire gave us a lot of opportunity to meet guests and exchange experiences.

Working together is really a good opportunity for both centers. What are the services provided to guests by the staff? What does the staff team look like? How does the team prepare for the week, and what activities do they do with the guest? But also ideas on recycling and environmental education were exchanged. Major differences and similarities in staff duties and activities were discussed and new ideas were generated.

We have really enjoyed this experience and want to encourage all centers to send and receive international staff!

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