The Good Stuff and the Future Flip-Boards 2013

This post is a prelude to the upcoming meeting minutes for the Goose Network Meeting of 2013.

I have looked through the two flip-board papers we produced during the CMC and tried to summarize the contents of them. I have links ti the photos at the end.

Page: Goose Network Good Stuff – things we should keep

  • It is a Lightweight Informal Network (remember someone will have to take over…)
  • Environmental Education Programme
  • European Representative Network

Page: Goose Network Future

The Goose Network Mission Statement

  • Create criterions to be a Goose Network Center
  • Define main targets in terms of leadershp sharing (form vs. content)
  • Define a global strategy of mentoring center at our countries to introduce goose activities and goals
  • Define Goosenet comppromise/action inside CMC

The Goose Game

Create a kit – Goose Network Game (Houens Odde, Pax Lodge)

(Martin added) Staff Exchange

  • the way it works


  • Improve Website until January 2014
  • Better way of getting information – informationsheets (?)
  • Show who we are and what we want to others
  • Improve the communications about the activities of the Centre Goose
  • Create a flyer with all Goose Centers

Photos of pages


About Martin Eliasson

Ex. Coordinator for Goose-Network 2012-2014 and de-facto coordinator 2015. Former resident program manager at Vässarö and generally a nice guy. Member of European Guide and Scout Centre Managers Conference 2013, 2015 and 2017.
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