So where does a scout center fit in?

This is a short comment to MoP Coordinator Training post and also to one of the short commings of ECMC in my opinion.

I have two illustrations for you from the MoP Coordinator Training. The first I call “Where does a scout centre fit in?”. This is WOSM view of MoP network as a good illustration. Most scout centres just don’t fit here which leads to two observations.

  1. Programme, info etc, is never ever thought of in terms of how they will work on a scout centre.
  2. Scout centres are seldom if ever of concern since scout centres do not help the cause (wherever the cause is) if one judge the world by the illustration.
Where does a scout center fit in?

Where does a scout center fit in?

The second illustration is key to understanding how MoP is supposed to work by an amplification effect. This is a key part of the MoP and where the concept of a MoP network is key. Should this model turn out to not give the desired amplification, a lot could change within MoP so if your into MoP, keep monitoring this.

The MoP Amplification Cycle

The MoP Amplification Cycle

Or explained using a flip board

How WOSM hopes MoP works out. One good thing leads to another.

How WOSM hopes MoP works out. One good thing leads to another.

Let’s keep monitoring this.

Your flip-board-docuentary-photographer Papa-G

About Martin Eliasson

Ex. Coordinator for Goose-Network 2012-2014 and de-facto coordinator 2015. Former resident program manager at Vässarö and generally a nice guy. Member of European Guide and Scout Centre Managers Conference 2013, 2015 and 2017.
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