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Vässarö is located in the northern archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden.



Vässarö is open for schools, courses, scouts and many more from easter to october. The bussiest months are june, july and august. Full scout program is only available at the summer season plus you will appreciate the weather and meeting all other scouts on the island.

There is place for about 2000 guests in total on the fields. Indoor accomodation is also available but is slightly limited.

Seasonal highlights

  • In the spring of 2014 Vässarö will host the Goose Network Camp Staff Seminar.
  • Midsummer celebration in June on Vässarö is a long tradition and a very unique Swedish tradition.

How to get there

You have to book in advance. Vässarö is an island, you can’t get there without the ships of Vässarö (or your own boat, there is a guest harbour)

Food and supplies


Almost all program is inclusive.



Vässarö is mostly run by our staff volounteering their time, money and energy. It is recomended to apply for summer staff in the time january-february. During the summer the island is managed by 50-100 staff. Vässarö accept international staff in general. http://vassaro.scout.se/funktionar/


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