Pfadfinderdorf Zellhof



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Zellhof is situated on the edge of the Grabensee lake, which is one of the warmest
lakes for bathing in Salzburg Land, about 1,5 km from the village of Mattsee and 20
km north of the city of Salzburg.


47°59’05.0″N 13°05’32.9″E


Main season from June to the end of august.

Seasonal highlights for the Team

  • The big fleamarket in September
  • Dienstrovertreffen, at the end of the season

How to get there

  • By car (route mapping  with Autoroute)
    A1 West highway – exit Salzburg North in the direction of Trumer Seenland – Lengfelden – Elixhausen – Obertrum am See – Mattsee – Zellhof


  • By rail (journey-planning with Austrian Rail)
    Main railway station Salzburg –  bus connection  to Mattsee via Elixhausen – Obertrum am See – Seeham – to the bus stop Zellhof


  • By air (Salzburg Airport W.A. Mozart)
    about 26 km away – Bus connection to the main railway station in Salzburg  every 20 minutes – bus connection  to Mattsee over Elixhausen – Obertrum am See – Seeham – to the bus stop Zellhof 

  • Bus transfer (Pichler)
    From Salzburg main Train Station or  Airport Salzburg. Possible on request.

Food and supplies

Farmer at Zellhof (0 km): Milk, eggs yoghurt and cheese
Neuhofer bakery: delivers to order, daily at 07:30
Mattsee (1,5 km): Bakery, butcher, super market
Seeham (1,5 km): Butcher


Zellhof boasts lots of resources for groups to use, on site we have:

  • A bathing area with a small pontoon, on Lake Grabensee
  • A wet weather hall
  • A volleyball court
  • A football field
  • Table tennis tables
  • And plenty of space for wide games!

We have lots of activities that can help the groups explore the surrounding area:

  • 30 Mountain bikes
  • 2 rowing boats
  • 8 Canadian canoes

We also run two badges: the friendship badge and the environmental badge which help develop an understanding of what Zellhof stands for.

At  Pfadfinderdorf Zellhof we encourage groups to take the lead in organising international activities, we make this possible by arranging a camp meeting  on Mondays on 21:00, where all ideas for international activities can be discussed and prepared. This is followed by an activity on the Wednesday evening such as a the “Night of the Open Pots”  where groups come together to share in each others cooking and taste a different countries cuisine.  Often this is followed by an international campfire where different groups take turns in leading songs and stories under a beautiful Austrian night sky.



The duties of the team:
When asked, help the groups with the organization of their camp: eg. shopping possibilities, hiking routes, excursions, international activities, etc.
Work on the site: working on the campsite, repairs, taking care of equipment, cleaning, refuse separation and disposal, etc.
Work in the shop: Selling badges, drinks, sweets, answering the telephone, giving out equipment etc.
Cooking: for the team and for special events.

The day at Zellhof: Every day in the team at Zellhof begins with breakfast together, during which the members choose their work tasks for the day. We work on the rotation principle.  Everyone does every sort of work, and each time different people work together.  This is so all team members can get to know and learn from each other.

Contact: The team promotes contacts with and between the groups.  All team members are responsible for ensuring that the campsite rules are kept.

The combination of an out-going, friendly team, the beautiful location of the Scout village, and an exciting, social and international atmosphere promises fun days and long evenings.


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