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Næsbycentret is located in Denmark at the island Zealand in the eastern part of the country.

Adress: Skelbyvej 126, 4171 Glumsø

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The centre is open all year around – everybody can book a campsite or the main building for 40 persons.

During the summer holiday we are open 6 weeks every week with a new staff (around 15 volunteers from the Naesbycentre) these camps normally start in the end of june and the last one is in the beginning of August.

Seasonal highlights

  • Theme camps
  • 6 weeks summercamp
  • pioneering courses
  • Make your own knife course
  • A camp for all the young people who has been on a course earlier different places in Denmark – “a get together weekend”
  • A weekend-competion for junior scouts

And much much more…

How to get there

By plane: Go to Kastrup airport, Copenhagen – from the airport it is possible to go by train to Glumsø (it is possible that you need to shift to another train). Ask in the airport where you can also buy tickets or go to http://www.dsb.dk (1 hour from Copenhagen). When you arrive at Glumsø st. you can go by bus to the centre (tell the bus driver you are going to the Naesbycentre) the drop off is called Korsvejgaard. Or you can walk 4 km to get there.

Talk to the camp chief or the booking officer for more info.

By car/bus: Put your GPS on and go to Skelbyvej 126, 4171 Glumsø. The centre is placed in the south-western part of Zealand.

Food and supplies

It is possible to bring your own food/buy it in a store in Glumsø and bring it. We will provide you some space in a walk-in-fridge (we haven’t got to much space in the freezer). You will also have some shelves in another room (a larder) to put the food which is not going in the fridge.

If you want to you can also order food through the Naesbycentre – the first order we need to know about before you arrive/or you buy food for the first day. When you arrive at the centre you can write on our order-list what you need and we will forward it to the store who will deliver the food to the centre and the staff will check if everything is there and put it on your shelves.

You pay for the food when you pay for the camp in the end of your stay. – With Cash DKK.(Danish money).

We have a candystore -normally it is open twice a day (after lunch and after dinner). Normally closed at saturdays.



We offer a programme during the summer holiday – we have a catalogue with around 100 activities – most of the activities are packed in a box and you can go to your own camp or another place at the center and try it.

Some of the activities is historical workshops where we have staff members who helps you with the activities.

Beside these activities it is also possible to go to our lake and sail canoes, build rafts or sail kayaks (for the kayaks a staff member is also with you).

DSC07020 DSC07017

At the centre there are beautiful nature and we use it in several activities. Among others we offer a morning tour at the center (just before sunrise we start the tour and go round the centre to see all the animals wake up and listen to all the sounds from the nature – very beautiful and relaxing). We also collect different spices and other things to put in the food (of course with a staff member).

At the centre we have a outdoor kitchen which is lovely to use with the group – you can make lots of delicious courses with a stove and stone ovens.


At the centre we can offer you to sleep in shelters – we have 8 shelters (some with view over the lake, 4 placed together at the newest part of the center, 1 perfect for a small unit who wants to try to sleep without the leaders or the younger scouts maybe). Beside these lovely shelters it is also possible to sleep in “Gammen” (a cave made with soil and grass) where you feel a bit like a Hobbit – very cosy. You can even borrow some reindeer skins and sleep on them with a bonfire in the middle of the cave.

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Our centre is driven 100% by volunteers . We are very proud of that because the centre is relatively big and we are trying to participate in all the meetings and other activities both in Denmark and at the other centres.

The volunteers are 15 years or older. We have around 180 volunteers.

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