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Kopparbo is located in the south of Dalarna, Sweden.

Adress: Kopparbo 1, 777 93 Söderbärke


X: 6651296
Y: 1479960
Lat N 59° 58′ 48?
Lon E 15° 26′ 46?
59.9802, 15.4462


We are open from the first of may until the last of september.

Seasonal highlights

  • Opening and closing weekend where old and new volunteers and members of the board with relatives together with the staff make Kopparbo ready for the season or make it ready for the snowy and cold part of the year when it’s closed.
  • The swedish riesenschnauzer (giant schnauzer) club (http://www.srsk.se) have their annual camp on Kopparbo and have had for about 30 years. During this week the campsite is full of around 400 dogs, their owners and caravans. They come here to meet, attend courses focusing on different dog sports etc. The staff on Kopparbo also cook and serve lunch for the participants in two big tents which we put up and have stoves and ovens in.
  • Scouts and school groups coming here during the whole season to camp or sleep indoors.

How to get there

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To get to Kopparbo you can easily take the car, bus or train. If you come here by train the closest train station is in Söderbärke. It is about 13 km to Söderbärke from Kopparbo. If it is necessary we can arrange transport from Söderbärke to Kopparbo.

Food and supplies

Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening snack and fruit) are included in the fee along with the activities. The menu variate a bit from year to year but it is mostly easy meals to cook.

We have a kiosk where you can buy sweets, ice creams, Kopparbo merchandise, postcards and stamps. Also during bigger camps or on request from our guests we have a cafe in the old barn where you can buy coffee, cookies, sweets etc.


Kopparbo offers a wide range of well developed activities and we work continuously with making them even better and come up with new and fun activities.

Some of our most popular activities are the pioneer track which is a big obstacle course in the forest, our two 10 meter high climbing towers and our lake activities where you can go canoeing or row a boat.

For more information of the activities, check our website http://eng.kopparbo.com/activities/ 

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Our staff consists of 3 paid staff, around 30 volunteers, volunteering board members and relatives.

As a volunteer at Kopparbo you get to do a lot of different things like taking care of the area around the centre, guiding our guests through our activities or cooking lunch for around 200 guests. Everyday is different. During your stay you not only get a lot of experience, new skills and friends but you also get free food, free accommodation and some pocket money.

If you’re interested in being a volunteer at Kopparbo feel free to check out our website or send an email to volontar@kopparbo.com if you have questions.


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