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About Scout Centre

The International Scout Centre Rustavi (ISCR) is a project of The Caucasus Cooperation Foundation for Youth Development. From 2003 the organization was responsible for initiating and carrying out diverse scouting activities and leadership trainings in Rustavi and these activities led local leaders to look for a permanent venue in which to host them. In 2013 the International Scout Centre Rustavi officially opened and has grown and expanded into the modern center it is today.

The modern facilities of the compound offer comfortable and affordable accommodation opportunities for 70 persons as well as the outdoor territory for approximately 300 campers. The youth centre offers space for a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Seminar and conference rooms are available, as well as lounge areas and an outdoor amphitheater. All of this is complemented by the centre’s catering services that are available upon request. New projects at the center include a sport court for basketball and football and a youth café that is set to open in early 2019. In addition, be sure to visit the Georgian Corner for a look into some traditional Georgian activities.

More than 1,000 young people from different countries visit the centre each year, which creates a unique international atmosphere, remarkable experiences and unforgettable memories. This global dialogue and exchange of knowledge and cultures forms an important step forward towards a better future together.


ISCR is located in Rustavi, a city in the province of Kvemo Kartli. It is 27 km (16 mi) southeast of the capital, Tbilisi. Rustavi is the biggest city in the Tbilisi agglomeration and is an important industrial center. It is situated along the Mtkvari River and the elevation of the city is 370 meters above sea level.

 The Scout Centre occupies three hectares on the outskirts of Old Rustavi. The centre consists of the scout house, scout villa, campsite, sport court, amphitheater, and a newly constructed café. It also provides an excellent base for active exploration of the Kvemo Kartli region and is a gateway for various sightseeing excursions.

Address: Balanchivadze Str. #9, Rustavi, Georgia. 

ISCR Location


The ISCR is open year round. Our staff members are always ready to host guests regardless of day, time or season.

Daily reception working hours are 9 AM – 6 PM.

Seasonal highlights

  • Scout Opening and Closing Days– The ISCR always enjoys hosting the Rustavi scouts as they gather to celebrate the beginning or ending of their season.
  • Magic Lantern– This film club is for children aged 6-12 and is based on a model out of Neuchâtel, The aim is to introduce children to the pleasures of cinema and includes an introductory dialogue along with highlighted special features.
  • Summer Camps– Due to the wide expanse of land available, coupled with the ISCR’s resources, the centre is a popular destination for hosting summer camps. Local, national and international groups are always eager to work with the ISCR to host a quality and enjoyable camp for their youth.
  • Organizational Trainings and Conferences– A variety of organizations choose the ISCR as the location to hold their trainings and conferences.
  • Local Scout Activities– The ISCR is proud to be a home base for the Rustavi scouts and is happy to support them in their weekly meetings and activities.

How to get there

Rustavi is less than an hour away from the capital city of Tbilisi. It is easily accessible from the airport or railway station. Taxis and minibuses frequently travel between the two cities.

ISCR staff can give you all of the necessary information about prices and which transportation to use. We can also organize a shuttle service through the ISCR upon request.

If you need any assistance coordinating your international travel, contact an ISCR staff member for suggestions.

Food and supplies

Guests at ISCR are able to add on meals for any portion of their stay if they desire. Prices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available on our website. We also provide coffee breaks for conferences and educational programs. If guests want to cook for themselves, they can request access to the kitchen after the regular meals are finished. We have a diverse menu with many Georgian traditional foods as well as a variety of international dishes to suit any taste!

In early 2019, ISCR will be opening a new café on their property with even more delicious food to try. Additional food can be purchased at Rustavi’s many markets and grocery stores as needed.

ISCR operates a small shop offering postcards, souvenir mugs, and assorted toiletries. Inquire at reception about any purchases.


The International Scout Centre Rustavi is flexible in working with the needs of your group. In the past we’ve hosted a variety of special events including training courses, seminars, planning weekends, international gatherings, and camps.

If you’re interested in touring other parts of Georgia, our staff our happy to work with you to arrange a travel itinerary that suits your interest. Some examples of these tours are featured on our website.

Another unique opportunity provided by the ISCR is the Eco Village in the mountain village of Pona. Situated 150 km from the capital in eastern Georgia, a visit to Pona allows one to see the beautiful landscapes of the country. Pona offers campsite facilities for 150 guests, covered eating areas, shower and toilet blocks, and easy access to major tourist attractions such as Lagodekhi Wild Life Reserve and the historical town of Khvareli. Plans for the future include a cooperation with local villagers to produce and sell locally grown vegetables, fruits and related products while educating visitors about the process. All bookings are handled by the ISCR and staff can also help arrange for transportation to the site.


In our Scout Centre, we have permanent staff members and EVS volunteers who will make sure your stay here will be comfortable.