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Bucher Berg is located in Germany, Bavaria, almoust in the middle between nuremberg and munich. It’s around one hour from nuremberg and one and a half hours from munich (by train), and it’s located near the beautiful valley of the river altmühl. We are situated in a nature park with an amazing landscape.


N 49° 5′ 32”  E 011° 38′ 19”

Opening hours

We are open as a regular camping place for youth groups in the months of mai, june and september. During july and august the international guide and scout camp takes place. There we can accomodate almoust 400 young people from all over the world. In this time we have an international staff which takes care for our guests and provide service. Also we’ve got lot’s of activities to take part: Archery, canoeing, low ropes course, creativity, scouting activities like night-dropping, rallyes, .. Just take a look at our homepage!

Seasonal highlights

  • April, Mai, June, September: Normal camping place for youth groups
  • July, august: International guide and scout camp with staff’ service and program offer

How to get there

Just look at google maps to locate the place. You can reach us by train or by car, of course. During the main season we also offer transfer from the nearest railway station (Parsberg). Please feel free to ask us for help.

Food and supplies

We have got a lot of shopping facilities in the region, so it’s easy to buy food and other stuff. During the International Camp we also have a small kiosk at the place, even a baker delivers bakery products. We have fully equipped and brandnew sanitary facilities at the place, you can buy gas, firewood and electricity (220V/380V). From 2015 we have a fully equipped kitchen on site for the use by guests – and with that industrial equipped kitchen you can cook easily for more than 250 hungry people!

If you want further informations about our expansion, take a look at our homepage. Additionally, we offer many things for rent during the International Camp (tents, benches, kitchen-stuff, pots, pans, cooker, …)

About our site

It’s no problem to accomodate around 400 people on the site, we’ve got enough space and according to that enough sanitary facilities. If neccessary, we can easily enlarge our capacity: If you are early enough with your request (12 months before your camp!), we can rent the fields around the campsite and set up additional sanitary containers, so it’s possible to accomodate really large groups! Around the site we’ve installed underground fresh/wastewater and electricity connections for that special case, so just feel free to ask…

Open campfire with real wood is wanted and allowed, if you use mobile firebowls to protect the gras – or just use one of the many fixed fireplaces on site.


During the international camp, we offer a very exciting and diversified program. Sorry – thats too much to conclude it in a few sentences, so please take a look at our homepage!

But i can tell you something about touristic excursions: We are situated in Bavaria (you know: the famous Bavaria! 🙂 ), and it’s easy to reach local famous spots by train. Examples are Munich (Oktoberfest, museums, art-gallerys), Nuremberg (Reichsparteitagsgelände, also museums and art-gallerys), the well-known area Altmühltal, the castle Neuschwanstein, the monastery Weltenburg, the cities Regensburg, Passau… You see: We have enough “hot spots” to visit – and we will help you planning your trip!


We are searching for new staff every year – so if you are a guide or a scout, and you are member of the WAGGGS or the WOSM, please shout out for our application form! During the main season we have about 5-10 people at the place, who are guided and instructed by our camp chief and the camp director. So don’t be afraid – we will help you to start with your staff-experience!


Contact? www.bucher-berg.de or write an e-mail to info@bucher-berg.de 

Also you can like us on facebook: facebook.com/bucherberg

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