Goose Staff Camp Seminar 2017

A short view of the seminar 2017fælles

The Planning team consisted of Tea from International Scout Center Rustavi, Paja From Kapraluf Mlyn, Katrine from Næsbycenter and Maiken/Mama Goose.

We started the planning in January and have had skypemeetings where we brainstormed and planned the programme and workshops.

The 17 participants arrived Thursday afternoon/evening and the seminar was started with a few get to know each other games, where Participants, Centerstaff and Planning team where  introduced to each other. We talk habits and divided us into types/preferences to get some labels to put on each other for the rest of the week.


Began with a short introduction to the Goose Network and its relevance to the international Scoutcentre work. A good discussion where both pro’s and con’s where talked over and a possible list of focus areas for the Centres the next few years.

The Centerstaff gave a tour around the Næsbycenter, introducing the campsites, activity fields, the Jagtvejen and how the volunteers work all year round to keep the place running.

After a lunch the next workshop focused on innovation, the basic of developing and concrete methods of how the generate ideas and how to make the ideas into profit generating concepts. Where among the methods, were the use of different perspectives to discuss and brainstorm.


After sitting and talking the next workshop took place outdoor, in the Outdoor kitchen. Where the Centerstaff introduced the use of the kitchen and together with the participants made dinner ready.

After dinner the MyCenter, MyCountry presentations took place. As being a traditional workshop the Centers have a tradition to bring both pictures, videos and presentations, but this year, we decided it should be very “offline” and the participants could only talk and have things and the table to use in the presentations, it was very intimate session, with questions. Afterwards the talk was lively at the different tables, as the participants wanted to hear more about specific subjects.


The Centerstaff had planned a tour around Denmark – though not physically, a board represented our traveling and in smaller groups,  we moved around the board. We would have different tasks that represented a place in Denmark.
The day ended with a Capture The Flag tournament a game often used to play with all the groups during summercamps.


The evening was spent inside, sharing. The workshop Market of Possibilities is also an tradition at the seminar. The participants here had the opportunity to choose a subjects/problem areas that they wanted input or ideas for.


The morning was spent focusing on the environment, with input from Kapraluf Mlyn and the Næsbycenter and also a presentation of the Scenes Network.

Afterwards a workshop created based on subjects from the participants about leadership and how it works around the different centers. The problematic situations that can arise and how we as people working together can resolve the conflicts that will arise, when working with and around people.

After lunch Goose game was presented and played by the participants. Followed by a discussion on how it is used at the different centers and a brainstorm for how to introduce/run the game for different age groups.

The last workshop was another knowledge workshop about Erasmus and how the Scoutcentres can use it

Sunday ended with a great meal prepared by the Centerstaff and closing ceremony by the campfire, where we could enjoy a nice, warm and dry evening.

Thanks to the Planning Team for all the great workshops, that has hopefully inspired to some new thoughts among our participants.

Thanks to the Center Staff for the great welcome, food and being there to make sure we all had a great seminar.

Thanks to the participants, for being prepared, engaged and positive about sharing and making new connections.

Scout Greetings
Mama Goose


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