Goose Meeting 2016 – Registration


Here is the RegistrationForm_GooseNetworkMeeting2016

To participate in the meeting I will need, the Registration Form returned from every member participating, from your centre. I need to have the registration form by Friday the 2nd of September.
Carlos has provided information on how to get to S. Jacinto: How to get to S. Jacinto.
So you can start planning your trip.

Friday 7th October:
18:00                                   Check in
20:00                                   Dinner

Saturday 8th October:
08:00 – 8:45                      BREAKFAST
09:00                                   Opening and Flag Ceremony
09:30                                   Goose Network Meeting – see Agenda.
Should you have any additional items for the agenda please send them prior to the meeting. We will provide you with an updated agenda upon your arrival.
10.45                                   BREAK
11.00                                   Meeting continued
12:30                                   LUNCH
14:00                                   Meeting continued
16.00                                   BREAK
16.15                                   Meeting continued
18:00                                   DINNER
20:00                                 International night – please remember to bring information/food  /activities to share about your centre or country. Each centre has a 5-10 minute for presentation of the highlights of the past year.

Sunday 9th October:
08:00 – 8:45                   BREAKFAST
09:00                               Check out and departure to Averio City with guided tour.


  1. Opening of the meeting – Mama Goose and Carlos

  2. Report and update from each Centre
    All centres are to report on their achievements and challenges during the past year
  3. International Centres Day (ICD) – Our Chalet
    Report on ICD 2016
    Date for 2017 and a centre to coordinate?
  4. Camp Staff Seminar – 2016 at Rotterdam
    Report from the Planning team
  5. Camp Staff Seminar in 2017
    – Planning Team who wants to join
    a) Hosts for 2017 is Næsbycentre
    b) Hosts for 2018 is Rustavi ISCR
    c)   Future Planning Teams
  1. Guideline/expectations regarding Camp Staff seminar – Maiken
    • See proposed guideline and discuss
  1. Report on Staff Exchange 2016.
    • Who has been on exchange?
    • Coordinator
  2. Goose Game / activity – Tobias/Johanna
  1. Goose Network website – Maiken
    • Login for each center to update their own page


  1. New Goose Network Members
    – NOTE: New members will obtain ‘candidate’ status for a period of 12 months before obtaining full membership status. In these 12 months the Centre needs to show initiative and be active in the Goose network.
    – If these centres are attending the meeting we will approve theme as a full member or welcome as a new candidate member (depending on their involvement so far):
    – Are there any more centres who wish to join:
    – Sweden: Ransberg, Carl Berggren
    – Members resigned or closed during the year?


  1. Mama Goose – Maiken
    • Only elected for one year, she’s willing to continue.


  1. Centre of the month – KISC
    • Evaluation of the project


  1. Next Goose Network Meeting 2017
     – Dates of the meeting and hosting centre to be discussed and agreed on.
  2. Any other business


If you have anything to add to the Agenda, I will need this as well by Friday the 2nd of September.

More information will follow.
I am looking forward to seeing everyone 😀
Maiken –Mama Goose

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