CAMP STAFF SEMINAR 2016 – Rotterdam


A great story that needs to be told.

This year Staff seminar was lead by Søren Hansen, from Houens Odde together with Anna from Vässarö, Sarah from Our Charlet, Katarina from Kandersteg and Katrine & Maiken from Næsbycenter.

The staff met up Wednesday and startet preparing for the participants arriving. Together with Martijn and Olle from Rotterdam, we began setting the mood for staff seminar. Preparing the very important diningroom and after that the great seminar hall, Rotterdam has.

Thursday evening the seminar was kick-startet with a bunch of get-to-know eachother games, amongst others we said hallo, in ways from all over the world and now we know the shape of everyones head – not bad, for the first night. DSC_0096

Friday started with information about GOOSE and a very nice tour around the center, where Olle told a lot of good stories and how they run Rotterdam scout center.

The afternoon was all about PR, how we use the social medias, sharing good ideas and what to be aware of. We also tried to make a goose movie, that might be present during this year! Wait and see 😀 b
The evening went by with building scoutcenter and to participants having to work for materials to build the best and biggest! A nice active workshop!

Saturday Rotterdam has planned for os to see a little of Rotterdam – the dutch way, by sailing and seeing the impressive industrial city, Rotterdam is. The afternoon we spend in the threetops, climbing :O

In the evening we had the myCenter, myCountry workshop, with a small quiz about the present centers – followed by a presentation and talk amongst the different centers – A LOT TASTING VERY NICE!! 😀

Sunday morning, some went to church and other planned, presented and offcourse played a lot of different games! Followed by a food workshop – that had some differculties, since the recipies where in dutch and danish… But the participants manged to make a very nice 3-course lunch for all of us.

In the afternoon, we had a nice walk and talk while talking/hearing about what had happened at the different centers during the last year. In the evening – we had a great dutch feast, with anything mashed, cale or sussaged.
We enjoyed the latest hour with an indoor campfire – due to storm and rain –

Being my first seminar I was impressed by seeing so many passionated people, finding it so great to meet eachother and exchange ideas and learning from eachother. I am very much looking forward to seeing/hearing more!

Thank you planning team, for your great work planning the seminar, and Rotterdam to facilitate the seminar and not the least preparing a lot of food and introducing us to the dutch cucine – I will never forget the chocolate sprinkels !


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