Camp Staff Seminar 2014 – Saturday Evening


After a excelent easter dinner – it was really good, thank you to the kitchen staff and to the cooks – come the opportunity to share with each other the good practices and or good experiences that each camp has.

After this we went to the boat house and something great was expecting us: a night canoeing expedition to another Island… imagine a beautifull breathtaking sky with all the stars… a calm night a litle bit cooled yes but with no wind and 9 canoes with 18 scouts searching the challenge, the adventure… maybe trying to find themselves…

The little Island hasn’t really nothing of special but we all sat down, in silence, looking the sunset on the sea and it was easely to feel that they where there communicating with all that beautifull nature and feeling how happy they are to be there at that moment and how the silence was talking so loud…

Well but the fika time is always present and the fire camp that Salla kindly has prepared for us iluminates all the faces, some of them seem tired, but there was in fact time for to sing… to smile… to share emotions…

And there was a few guys and girls that come all over the Europe and they talk as they know each other   for many years… the miracle of to be a scout… only a few hours together and we are a family…

The return… well the return was realy nice… lit candles on the water show us the direction that we have to take to return home… that direction that we keep searching day after day…

And a thank god all arrived to the other side safe…and the stars… the stars will remain for ever…

Tomorrow when we come back home and when the night arrives we can look at the sky and find the stars that have been with us and search deeply in our hearts and think that one day, one night and in one place we have shared unique momemts in our lifes… and we will feel good.

A big thanks to the planning team for this unforgetable experience somewhere at the baltic sea…

Jose and Sonja

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