Camp Staff Seminar 2014 – Thursday Evening

The long walk (and train and bus and bus and boat and tractor) to Vassaro


It was a warm spring afternoon that our long journey from Stockholm to Vassaro started. A journey that took in almost all modes of transport possible, including hiking along a path none of us knew where it led! But after a final boat trip at dusk we arrived on this wonderful scouting island.


Having arrived as scouts from around Europe, we quickly began to get to know one another over perhaps the most swedish of all things: fika! we walked to Vassaros old boat house to have some much needed food and hot drinks. Marshmallows provided extra amusement for those stupid enough to try to fill their mouth with as many as possible. Perhaps not the most polite way to welcome ones self to other scouts, but it seemed to do the job.

As the night grew old, we one by one retired to our dorms, to get some sleep in preparedness for the surprises that lay ahead this weekend!

Peter (Uk) and Andreea (RO)

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1 Response to Camp Staff Seminar 2014 – Thursday Evening

  1. Yep the Fika… a great swedish tradition… no TV, no Fb, no Internet… only the people talking and knowing each other… cool 🙂

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