Camp Staff Seminar 2014 – General Information


Goose_Network_Seminar_Standard_2014 – IMPORTANT – read amendments and modifications to this document below:

General Information Letter

Dear Centre Managers and Friends in Scouting or Guiding and Ice Bears

The Goose Network Seminar Standard applies to this event; it’s an information document regarding Goose Network events that you should have received together with this document.

This document clarifies and makes a few amendments to the Goose_Network_Seminar_Standard_2014.


Payment can be done using credit cards in addition to cash. We prefer credit card.

My Centre, My Country

The ‘My Centre, My Country Session’ will also feature a speed-presentation part where each centre will have 120 seconds to present their centre to all participants. For this session you will also need to bring with you a sticker which represents your centre. When you are preparing for this session please be aware that there will be other participants on the Island who will be attending the session.

Environmental Session

During the ‘Environmental Session’ you will have the chance to share what you are doing at your centre to be environmentally friendly. So start to think about what you do as a centre, how you educate guests and any activities you do.

Debate Session

This session requires some homework! We know ever centre has many issues to work with, during this seminar we want to discuss some of these problems so we maybe can help each other. All you have to do is of a problem per person that you would like to discus to get some other opinions on.

For Example: at Buitenzorg we had a problem with some scouts stealing from another group, they we in a game and didn’t think about what they were doing. But in the end we decided to send them away. Statement: scouts that steel should be send away directly!

Market of Possibilities Session

For the ‘Market of Possibilities Session’ you will need to bring one success story from your centre. It could be anything from a programme that you do with your guests to something that makes the volunteering at your centre special. Be prepared to share this story with the other participants.


We will sleep indoors and expect to sleep in a room with about eight people. Bedsheets are provided but bring a towel for the shower. There will be warm showers. If you like to try and sleep outdoors, bring an “inner” sleeping bag, we have a few sleeping bags to borrow if needed.


This will be an alcohol free event on an alcohol free island. Do not bring any alcohol, not even for the My Centre, My Country. It’s a waste of space in your back pack and a sure way to miss the Vässarö experience.

Outdoor Programme

There will be an “outdoor day” instead of a city tour and you will not enjoy this fully if you are cold. Also understand that at Vässarö we sleep indoors, eat indoors mostly, but spend the rest of the times in the great outdoors. Therefore let us explain spring weather in our archipelago.

What does spring weather look like to us?

Vässarö is an island. That means that we are surrounded by water. We normally experience the breakup of the ice covering the sea in the beginning of April. Any wind that blows over the sea will be chilled by the sea water and be experienced as two degrees warm if you were an ice bear. In fact, it can be very windy at times at sea and we are next to the open sea on the east side of the island.


You will need to bring your national scout uniform with you.

Ice bears and participants with extreme hair growth do not need any special clothing, but the rest of us must dress appropriately to enjoy a life outdoors.

We strongly suggest you have wind-stopping clothes available, the difference in chill factor with and without the wind from the sea is quite big and we may actually end up at sea. Bring good hiking trousers, thermal underwear and a good wool pullover or similar in addition to you fleece or similar. Add a good scarf, gloves and some warm stuff to have on your head.

In spring, sitting in a wind protected place warmed by the sun can be really lovely, but as soon as the sun is covered by clouds or you get exposed to wind, you really wish you had wind stopping clothes and lots of warn clothes on. A good small backpack can be handy to store clothes in should it be warm for a while.

Proper shoes are required. There can be residues of snow and also many places tend to be wet and muddy after the recently melted snow.

Now some photos to illustrate the message:

On a Good Day in April

On a Good Day in April

Worst Case Scenario

Worst Case Scenario

It can be muddy when the snow melts.

It can be muddy when the snow melts.

This is how our lovely toilets look like (lumberjacks not included)

This is how our lovely toilets look like (lumberjacks not included)

Yours in Scouting and Guiding
The Planning Team



About Martin Eliasson

Ex. Coordinator for Goose-Network 2012-2014 and de-facto coordinator 2015. Former resident program manager at Vässarö and generally a nice guy. Member of European Guide and Scout Centre Managers Conference 2013, 2015 and 2017.
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