Goose Network Meeting 2013 – Meeting Minutes

Goose Network Meeting October 25th and 28th October 2013, Neihaischen, Luxembourg.

Goose Network Meeting of 2013 about to begin

Goose Network Meeting of 2013 about to begin

Participants: Næsbycentret, Vässarö, Bucher Berg, KISC, Drave, Sao Jacinto, Griébal, Neihaischen, Pax Lodge, Our Chalet, Zellhof, Burg Rieneck

Note: The numbering of the items corresponds to the re-shuffled items on the agenda for the meeting.

1 – Welcome

2 – (10) Goose Logo

gooselogo jpg

The original logo got lost and the idea was to make a new one. There is no new decision and we keep the logo as this is.

3 – (8) Goose Game Activity

Griébal made a new activity – ”The sounds of the forrest”. They ask for an email address from each centre to send out the activity. They also ask for a short presentation from each centre with information to be able to tell their guest about the different centres in the Goose Network. Houens Odde has made a version and will send this to the centres.

Pax Lodge would like if everybody takes in to consideration that they only have very little outdoor space for activities.

Bucher Berg, Houens Odde and Griébal will make a suggestion for a updated version of the Goose Game and present this at the Managers Meeting in 2014.

4 – (9) Goose Web Site

We keep the WordPress edition (it is user friendly and free of charge). It needs some update. Papa Goose is working on this. Every centre can already get a log-in and can update information and post new information themselves but in the future the plan is for a more uniform way of presenting key information making it easier for users to access information about us.

The website could hold information about how to volunteer at the different centres (for how long, when to apply etc.). The deadline for applying (at each centre) could be noted in the calender so a centre can refer rejected volunteers to other centres. It should be easy to find information about the other centres in the website (ex. via links to the homepage for each centre – ”How to volunteer at the centre”).

5 – (13) New Goose Network Members

There are a newly opened centre in Georgia (not a member of Europe), that might want to be a part of the Goose Network1.

We talk about whether there are some formal or specific criterion to be part of the Goose Network. At this point none are aware that there are any, but the centre has to show interest in the network and be active2.

We discussed whether there should be some minimum demands for being a Goose centre in terms of participation and involvement – for present members as well. And what is the consequence of not fulfilling these demands.

Another point of view is that the strength of the network is that there are room for everybody and the less resourceful centres can get help from centres with expertice or resources maybe without getting something in return.

Papa Goose will find the mission statement and post it on the website.

We postpone the discussion and decision whether there should be criterion for members of the Goose Network.

6 – (2) Reports from each centre

There are reports from individual centers – each center sends a written report later on.

There is a calendar on the WordPress website, where you are welcome to note events, which is specific to each center and that could be of interest to other centers.

7 – (3) ICD

Our Chalet won and received a diploma.

DRAVE and Sajocinot organizing the ICD 2013 surrounding the winners from Our Chalet.

DRAVE and Sajocinot organizing the ICD 2013 surrounding the winners from Our Chalet.

How can we get more people to participate? In this case the date didn’t fit many centers. It was suggested that we keep it at a fixed date – so the date is known in advance. There is also the possibility to use doodle to find the date that suits most centers best. The date should be set and announced no later than the Camp Staff Seminar at Easter.

It has been reported that it was a problem that the challenge lasted a whole 24 hours, and there was uncertainty about when the challenge started in relation to time zones mm.

Zellhof will arrange ICD 2014. It takes place on Thursday 24th July 2014.

8 – (4) Camp Staff Seminar 2013, Neihaischen

Approximately 18 participating centers, good support and good atmosphere. Good facilities. You can read more details on the experiences of the website. A good seminar that was very instructive.

Some centres asks for the evaluations from previous years as well as a standard for planning the Camp Staff seminar. Sharing documents and evaluation of the past year.3

Read more about the Staff Seminar of 2013 in all the blogg posts.

9 – (5) Camp Staff Seminar 2014

9a – (5a)

Vässarö hosts in 2014.

9b – (5b) New fee model

It worked well this year. It gave more stability in the budget so that the economy should not create concern. It is possibly a little different now that there is Youth in Action (partnership agreement), but we stick to the procedure.

9c – (5c) Host for Goose Camp Staff seminar 2015 and 2016

KISC will be host in 2015. They encourage the centres to sent their staff to the seminar and Griébal will be the host in 2016.

9d – (5d) Planning Team

There is a need for a coordinator/main organizer and some people for planning team.

Part of the planning team4:

  • KISC

  • Burg Rieneck

  • Vässarö

  • (Our Chalet)

Papa Goose have a suggestion for a coordinator, and it is decided that he decides who it will be with preference for people who have been in the planning team before.

There could be made a Goose Network Seminar Standard stating what to bring and prepare for seminars. – eg. standard for My center My country etc. Then you always know what to prepare even though you haven’t yet received an invitation.

10 – (6) Staff Exchange 2013

There have been four exchanges in 2013. The center that sends people off pays the travel costs and the center that receives people pay for room and board.

There have been some problems with the coordinator email that do not receive the mail that have been sent. The coordinator have only received 2 emails , but there have been several more exchanges.

It is discussed whether it is the best option to use the coordinator or just take contact with the centers in personal. Perhaps the coordinator is an undue administrative link between the two centers. There should rather be a list on the website of the centers, which are interested in exchanges in order to communicate directly to each center (this dosn’t work on the current site).

Katie continues as coordinator.

It is suggested that you do not use coordinator for the exchange , but to send reports about the exchange to the coordinator or put them directly on the website. It is proposed that the coordinators job rather should be to promote exchange and remember centers that they can/should send people on exchange. This should be a topic for the next Goose Managers Meeting in 2014, where there may be an official decision5.

There should be more updates on the site about those who have been away on exchange, so you can see that there are many activities in Goose network.

11 – (7) Experiences from EVS

There have been 5 EVS volunteers at Griébal this summer – good experiences with this.

It can be difficult to find out what this is called in your own country.

Pax Lodge send an application, but it was rejected. KISC had problems in relation to the time horizon and there are problems in relation to the exchanging organizations must be approved by EVS and this creates problems. It requires a lot of paperwork and administration.

12 – (11) Goose Network and SCENES

There have been SCENES seminar in Costa Rica. This was broadcast so everyone had the opportunity to “participate”. You can sign up for a newsletter from WOSM, so you get all the information.

KISC would like to take the responsibility to inform more about SCENES at Goose website. Earlier SCENES was part of WOSM’s environmental program, but since this subsidy ran out, many are interested in knowing how SCENES will evolve in the future.

13 – (12) Discussions on future goals for Goose Network

The result of the list of suggestions for the future:

• Goose Network Game Kit (see earlier discussion)

• Updating the website (see previous discussion)

• We need a discussion about the mission statement/the purpose of Goose – will be discussed at the next Managers Meeting.

The mission statement will be sent out before the next meeting and a small group, consisting of Papa Goose Martin from Vössarö and Jose from Sao Jacinto will prepare a structured discussion for the meeting. These can receive comments before the meeting.

• It is important that the work of the network is not too heavy and formal

14 – Next Goose Network Managers Meeting

Both Sao Jacinto and Næsbycenteret believe they have volunteered to organize this. It is decided Næsbycentret will host it 10th-12th October 20146.

Managers Meeting 2015 will be in conjunction with CMC 2015.

Managers Meeting 2016 will be at Sao Jacinto.

15 – Goose Network Coordinator aka Mama/Papa-G

Martin suggests that the coordinator is elected for 2 years. This is seconded7.

Papa-G from Vässarö striking a pose for no apparent reason

Papa-G from Vässarö striking a pose for no apparent reason

It is proposed that elections are held every 2 years at the Managers Meeting (not in conjunction with the CMC), and one is elected for 2 years. It should “go on tour” between centers.

Martin of Vässarö is elected for another year, after which elections are held. The plan is that the next network coordinator will be choosen after the future director of the network has been decided upon.

16 – Survey

The aim is to follow the network’s progression and provide an overview of the centres work. You can follow the trend in the various centers in relation to the number of visitors, the distribution between the scouts and non scouts, busiest time of year etc. This way one can see the big picture in Goose network – eg. in one year all Goose centres have 1 million visitors all together. We get a overview of the different centres target audience and where to focus the work in the network.

It also aims to provide input to the meetings and focus on the areas that we in the network should work with and towards and what areas works as they are (and so do not need to discuss these).

The survey is has however been very long. A proposal to make it shorter was to ask more open-ended questions. Moreover, one can make the tables up so you have a more specific questionnaire – one for the centres management and the visitors, one for events in the network (staff seminar, ICD, exchange) and possible others.

– Notes taken by Naesbycenter


1 A few centers have also made inquiries about the network and membership policies during the CMC. It is therefore very timely that the mission statement will be updated.

2 As it turns out, the mission statement states the membership criteria.

3 The planning and evaluation documents are shared in a Dropbox folder for the Staff Seminar planning team. Most evaluation was done using fipboards and Papa-G has the photos of the flipboards.

4 We also get help from Rikke of Houens Odde.

5 Part of the way staff exchange works is stated in the mission statement

6 This is a very unfortunate incident and something has apparently gone wrong somewhere between the last meeting and the meeting minutes. We are very sorry for this, we are also very great full for the generosity of Sao Jacinto offering Naesbycenter the opportunity to host it.

7 It more or less already formulated like that in the mission statement.

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Ex. Coordinator for Goose-Network 2012-2014 and de-facto coordinator 2015. Former resident program manager at Vässarö and generally a nice guy. Member of European Guide and Scout Centre Managers Conference 2013, 2015 and 2017.
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