Goose Network Meeting 2013 – first news

The 25:th of October 2013 in Neihaischen, the Goose Network Meeting for 2013 opened. I hope to fill you in on the details the coming weeks.

Neihaischen Chalet

Neihaischen Chalet

Here are some of the decisions from the meeting, full description comes later:

  • Papa-G (that would be me) re-elected for another year. Big thanks for the continued support.
  • Next years staff exchange is Vässarö (2014), followed by Kandersteg (2015) and Spain (2016)
  • Next years Managers Meeting is held in Næsbycenter (2014) followed by CMC (2015) and Sajocinto (2016)

Zellhof will organize International Centers Day, and it will be in July 24:th 2014.

The Future of Goose Network

We had an ongoing discussion during the whole CMC about future directions of Goose Network and what works and what works less well. In essence, Staff Exchange, ICD and Staff Exchange is considered to work very well and had a lot support from the centers and so did the key idea behind the Goose Network that it should be a lightweight informal network, so we just continue with that.

Early discussions

Early discussions about future directions of the network

The interesting thing is the stuff to change, but that’s for another blogg post, but regarding updating the mission statement, Papa-G and Jose from Sajocinot will work on a proposal for updated and clarified mission statement that will be available for the next Goose Network Meeting.

Thanks for attending and keep up the good work.

Planning team getting ready for CMC

Planning team getting ready for CMC

About Martin Eliasson

Ex. Coordinator for Goose-Network 2012-2014 and de-facto coordinator 2015. Former resident program manager at Vässarö and generally a nice guy. Member of European Guide and Scout Centre Managers Conference 2013, 2015 and 2017.
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