Staff Seminar 2013 – Saturday morning and afternoon!

This is the fourth in a series of blogg posts from the seminar being written by the participants themselves.


At saturday the whole goose-seminar went to the city of Luxembourg. At first we got separated in two groups that had to compete with each other.

City Photo Challenge

City Photo Challenge

The goal was to learn more about Luxembourg. For this both groups got tasks to fulfill and pictures of places to find. For example exchanging the wooden pig at a kiosk with something typical Luxembourgish. Unfortunately the kiosk was closed, so both groups failed. Another more successful task was to get to know what happens in the palace (it’s the parliament that it’s in there).


The Amusement Park

After this and lunch-time we all together went to visit the tunnels beneath Luxembourg, called “the Kassemattes”. They were build for defending the castle and to store supplies in there. We visited Kassemattes build by the French, the Spanish (later modified by the Prussians and Germans in WWII) and the Dutch. The highlight were the special cannibal-spiders, who threatened some of the participants. All in all this was really great, especially because it isn’t open for public.

Luxembourgh underworld

Luxembourgh underworld

Then we had to go to daylight again and golfed our way to “An der Aula” through the Peitrus-Valley. This was quite funny and fortunately none of the people passing by got hurt or died.

An der Aula was the ending of our Luxembourg-Golf-Carrier. As a reward everyone drank an typical Luxembourg-drink in a typical Luxembourgish pub.


Cross-gold in Luxembourg

El Taco Maco (Vässarö), Mike (Neihaischen) and Max (Burg Rieneck)

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