Greetings from Papa-Goose!

This is a copy of the email I sent out on the mail list to all centers

I think all of you already know it, but if somebody missed it: Sally who has done a marvelous job as Mama-Goose has choosen to step done as coordinator for the Goose network. I’m happy to continue the efforts as coordinator and I was thinking this might be a good time to introduce myself a little bit more, now that all the Christmas cards and greetings no longer occupy your mailboxes.

So, here is my scouting background. I was born 1974 and joined the scouts when I was 11 years old. Somehow I ended up on a very rainy hike very early the first year as scout and I just loved it. I still remember all the older scouts being soken through and me being dry because I was really a year to young for the hike so the leaders took extra care of
us. In 1986 I turned twelve and it was the first time I went to a scout camp, it was almost a national jamboree but not exactly. Steve Zissou in The Life Aquatic apparently said that he was the most happy when he was 12.5 years old, but I’m not so sure it explains my scout career since my second camp in 1987 was legendary rainy: it rained so
much we were digging trenches through the tents. The third camp was called “Trapper 88” and I was finally on Vässarö.

I stayed with my scout group until the mid nineties when I took a pause and went studying Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Linköping. In the mid-nineties, if you lived as student in the student area called Ryd, you could obtain this new cool thing called internet directly in your student room. All you had to do was pay 120 Euro for equipment and do the wiring yourself, on the other hand, the uptime was amazing and it cost 10 Euro per year. The computer students running the network were also responsible for the tenth webserver started in the world.

I moved to Stockholm after graduation and got involved as scout leader again. In 2005 I came up with the idea to try to be staff member at Vässarö since I always liked the island. I had no idea what my assignment would be when I arrived to the island, but I was assigned
“Program Manager” and so far It’s the only position I’ve had on Vässarö, and I have been working there four weeks every summer ever since. Right now I’m working on programming our new computer system for management of the centre and also doing some preparations for the big camp “60 Degrees North” ending the summer.

Program office, Vässarö

Program office, Vässarö

I don’t get paid for staff work at Vässarö, but I do get paid for developing software, you know, that necessity that annoys everyone all the time. I work at a consulting company called Prevas and my office focus on medical technology. I’m currently not working on a medical technology project, instead, I’m writing software for DeLavals milking
machines. Close enough.

That was a short introduction. I’ll be back with more info for the Goose Network very soon, in the mean while, take care and enjoy the winter.


About Martin Eliasson

Ex. Coordinator for Goose-Network 2012-2014 and de-facto coordinator 2015. Former resident program manager at Vässarö and generally a nice guy. Member of European Guide and Scout Centre Managers Conference 2013, 2015 and 2017.
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